The teacher walked Into the classroom. It was the first period that day. “Good morning, everyone. How was your holiday? ‘ Mrs.. Jane asked. “Great! ” “Fun! ” “Exciting! ” Those were the words came from every student in the class describing their end-year holidays. Of course holiday is fun and interesting days for everyone. But, for Jessica, it was a boring holiday since her parents rarely spent their times with her due to their busy schedules even during her school holidays. She just kept quiet as if she did not hear when Mrs.. Jane asked them.

She seems hardly opened her mouth since she entering the class. After sometimes Mrs.. Jane realized that Jessica disliked her school holidays. She quickly switches her topic. “Okay, now. Everyone, I’m going to Introduce you to your new classmate, Tiffany,” announced Mrs.. Jane. She welcomes Tiffany to the classroom. Mrs.. Jane then asked her to introduce herself. After that she asked her to sit beside Jessica. “HI, I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you,” Jessica greeted her with a broad smile. “Nice to meet you too,” Tiffany said with a broad smile too. Mrs.. Jane smiled to herself when she saw that Jessica smiled broadly. Mrs..

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Jane felt relief knowing that Jessica was happy to have a new friend. “Alright, everyone- Let’s start our first lesson today,” Mrs.. Jane told the class. The lesson for the day was very interesting as the students seemed to be enjoying the lesson. It was at about pm everyone was waiting for the final bell to ring that marked the end of the lesson of the day. Jessica and tiffany walked hand-in-hand on their way home. “Do you usually walk home? ” Tiffany asked Jessica while walking along the corridor. “Yes. I’d rather walking than going by car,” Jessica told her. “l used to walk too,” said Tiffany. “Hey… Can I ask you something?

Jessica asked. “Sure. Why not? ” Tiffany wondering what Is she going to ask her. “Can we be friend? ” Jessica asked. Her face turned reddish red. Tiffany giggled. “Why are you asking that silly question? We’re already friends,” she said. “What? Really? Thanks! ” Jessica said and hugged her tightly. “No problem,” Tiffany said and Jessica released the hug. “Now, let us promise,” she said. “What? ” “Let’s be friend forever no matter what happen. Even If we were separated one day, we will always keep in touch, okay? ” She told her. “Okra I promise. ” Jessica said. After promising to each other, they headed to their own home.

Day after day, their relationship became closer and closer. They always spent their weekend together at each other’s home. During the holiday, Jessica spent her holiday with tiffany and her family since Jessica parents was always busy. A few months later, Jessica parents told her that they will move overseas. Knowing this, Jessica tears rolling down to her cheeks. “We know you can’t separate with Tiffany. But, we have to move, dear. Any. N. ‘says, you will have some new friends there,” her mother tried to console her. One day after the school was over; Jessica told tiffany that she will move to New York that evening. Really? But, I know you will come to visit me in the future, right? ” Tiffany asked as her tears rolled down her cheeks. “Yes. I will,” that was all Jessica can say at that moment. They went home as usual. That evening, Tiffany went to the airport to her happy Journey. She hugged Tiffany and felt heavy to let her go. As it was already time to go to the departure hall, Tiffany loosens her hug and let her go. “Promise me that you will not cry when you arrive there and I promise to wait for you to come here,” Tiffany promised. “l promise. And, I promise I will be back,” Jessica told her. “Alright, girls.

It’s time to go and say goodbye,” Jessica mother said to them. “Okay, mom. ” Jessica said. Then, they bid their farewell. Two years later, Tiffany pursued her study in college. Even though they were separated, they always keep in touch through social network and phone call. Since Jessica was busy with her college activities, she didn’t have enough time to go back to Canada. But, she still kept her promise. She told Tiffany that she will be back next week. Tiffany was so delighted to hear the news. Two weeks later, but Jessica still not coming back. She was very disappointed and upset with Jessica.

One day, Jessica mother went to Tiffany house. She told Tiffany why Jessica will not come. She told her that Jessica died in a car accident while on her way to the airport two weeks ago. “No! That shouldn’t be! She won’t leave me! ” Tiffany cried out loudly. She feels that she can’t bear it anymore. Her mother and Jessica mother tried to console her. Tiffany went to New York that night. Upon arriving at New York, she went to Jessica grave. Tears gushing out of her eyes until she felt that no more tears came out. It’s been two years after Jessica death; Tiffany soon became a famous singer as they promise in the past.