Paralleling for the very first time was extremely fun and exciting. We first made our way to the paralleling office located In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we awaited instruction. We were then led out to a boat. Where I took my turn going up. After coming down I preceded to watch all my family have their turns. It was for sure my favorite adventure we took while on vacation. First, we went to the office to sign all the waivers, which made me really nervous for my life. Since we had a long wait, we sat down with the other people who were In our group.

I met an elderly man and his wife; they were very polite and friendly. It was their first time paralleling also, Finally, after what felt like an eternity, It was time for us to board the boat. We had to walk across the street and down a long walkway to get to the dock. As we were boarding the boat I almost slipped and fell into the water. After we were all on the boat we had to go through a beautiful inlet that lead out into the ocean. We were then instructed on how put our life jackets and harnesses on. The instructor decided that I was going to be the first one to go up in the air.

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I made my way to the front of he boat and sat down on the deck so he could hook the parachute to my harness. Without a warning he let the parachute go and then I was ascending up into the air almost felt like the speed of light! As I was going up, he shook the line to scare me. Finally when I reached 500 feet, I could see the shore line. It was a breath taking view. I could see giant sea turtles and I even saw a shark. I was in the air about 30 minutes. Then I started descending down. When I was close to the boat, he dunked me into the same water where I had Just moments earlier seen the shark and the sea turtles.

After my turn was over I got to relax and enjoy watching everyone else’s terror turning into enjoyment. My sister was the next one rigged up. I could tell from the look in her eyes she was teetering on changing her mind however, once the parachute was released there was no turning back. The deckhand got great enjoyment from playing on her fears, as he shook her line and had the boat to stall so she would free fall for a few seconds. On her way back in to the boat they dunked her Into the water. Up next was my mother and grandmother after they was all hooked p the crew released the parachute I could see the fear In my grandmothers eyes.

My grandmother was worried about breaking her hip again. Lucky for them, they TLD get dunked on the way down. Next, the elderly man, we met In the office was up, he had no fear. He was very excited because paralleling was on his bucket list. When he was on his way down the boat captain dunked him twice In the water. Up next was my sister’s girlfriend Tanya. She was extremely nervous, because she Is afraid of heights. As she made her way to the front of the deck you could see her hands shaking violently.

The Instructor hooked her up to the parachute and without warning let the parachute go. She let out a loud scream. The entire time she was In the air she said that she kept her eyes closed. On the way down they dunked her into time was a blast; from going to the office, to riding in a boat for the first time, or being so high in the air, each aspect was amazing. I cherish this experience. Seeing the sea turtles and sharks was spectacular. Even having this experience with my family made it so much better. All in all, paralleling was a great experience and I’d love to do it again.