In my 16 years existence in life, other than my parents, she is the one who thought me that nothing is impossible if I Just believe in it that’s her, my teacher-my hero. She is the one who thought me to be strong in times of failures and never give up the things I wanted most in life, my dreams. There is one phrase, given by my teacher that I will never forget “keep looking forward”, that phrase encourages me all the time and reminds me to continue looking forward whatever might happen and will happen to me.

Even when I am down she cheers me up and encourages me to knish what I have started. I am very proud to describe my favorite teacher to all of you and will share what I have learned from her because she Is my teacher and my hero. She has the most beautiful personality I ever encountered. I am proud to say that she Is beautiful Inside and out. She has two small brown sympathetic eyes that showing his tender loving care to us, a pointed nose, and a red rosy lip. She has a short black shiny hair and brown Fallen complexion. My teacher Is a very good example in her young age.

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She graduated college without having any single affair to anyone that resulted to be a Summary UCM Lauded in our school. She is a very good speaker, listener, and adviser. All students are inspired because of her. She is my English teacher and the one who trained me to be a good writer. During those days, I am extremely inspired to write to the fullest. Writing different articles and interviewing people older than me is challenging. I learned so much about her and about life. I am very thankful having my teacher because of her I am enlightened to do the job what I must do and be responsible every time.

For me, the word teacher stands for the one who Teach us, Encourage us, Aspire us, Care for us, Help us, Enhance us and Reminds us who we are and what we are. My teacher may not be wonder girl who has a super natural powers or Darn who has an ability to fly and save the world from evils and enemies but my teacher is the one who will save the future of millions of children and students who wanted to be successful for the coming future. She is not doing it because it is her Job but she is doing it because she is my teacher and my hero.