She is a senior student in high school now. This is the last year of her endeavourers and she’ll eventually step onto the next ladder of her academic life, she thought. Array politely greeted every teacher she met at the corridors. “Good morning Array! You look complimented with obvious twinkling eyes and sweet smile. Far from what’s expected, Array frowned of what Kefir did. She Ignored him and went on her way. Array Clement is the snobbiest snob, he believed.

She isn’t a man-hater but she Just sonnets like Kefir Cortez, her three-year seatmate. Most of her schoolmates believe she Is a cheerful and kind person, contrary to what Sleeker sees in her. “Array? You’re sitting here in front, are you sure? ” Name, her best friend, inquired. “Yes. Why? L’s there anything wrong? ” she replied asking. “Nope. But I know your sole purpose of doing so. ” she answered with a teasing smile. “You’re avoiding someone. Hay. You’re so obvious Aural” Who wouldn’t avid that one who’d make your day unpleasant? TTS.

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The occurrences of the previous one thousand days were still so vivid on her head; the days he snatched and ate he cutis and chocolates In her hands and Just laugh when confronted, the very hour he napped on her book making the pages crumpled and untidy, the moment their English teacher asked him to stand where he then nudged Array’s chair beseeching her to help him with the answer, those times he brought her notebooks home with ridiculous messages written n some of its pages when returned, and other irritating stuffs. Howbeit, there Is one thing she disliked most-?his every morning greeting never changes until now. That scripted line never undergoes evolution as well as his irritating smile attached to his unchanging greeting. “Hey! Are you sleeping? ” Name awakened her system. Uniform mind Is wandering. It seems. ” Before that day ended, Array found Sleeker under the big tall tree near the gate. He Is singing while he’s strumming the guitar. She herself is unconscious that she stays put to listen to his enchanting voice. Kefir is also unaware that someone watches him until he stood up and caught her standing, blushing. He felt uncomfortably ill at ease.

He scratched his head and looked away. Array found It as a chance so she hurriedly went out of the campus and rode on the iris passing vehicle. She found it incredible-?she’s not expecting to see the other impressing side of her three-year naughty, annoying and child-like seatmate. The following day is very deferent and she doesn’t like the flow of that certain day. She sits In front, bordered by two pretty seatmates, unchanged b their seven subject- teachers. Inquisitively, he didn’t greet her this morning and that saddened her. Every day of that week is a revelation and further acquaintance.

Wandering alone at the locker room that afternoon, Array saw an open locker which is inviting her curiosity. She Is aware that It Is not commendable to Intrude to another’s property but she still found herself scanning a white-covered notebook. She read numbers of poems In It . Upon reading the last page of the book, she finally noticed the titles of the poems-?all 1 OFF She knew very well that typical voice. Her hands shivered as she returned the book. “That’s trespassing. You shouldn’t sneak the things you don’t own-? don’t… ” I denied. “l caught you. “he frankly said and immediately left after locking the locker.

It’s the most embarrassing and stupidest thing she had done of her entire life. She’s ashamed of herself. She felt stupid. Friday, the last day of that week, is the day when she acts very different and unbecoming which puzzled and interested her classmates. To unveil their curiosity, they never leave their eyes on her. “H-?hi . I – I know I’m wrong. ” She uttered Just enough to be heard by him and her eavesdropping classmates. “I’m sorry. No. I am so sorry. I think it’s really offending you s-?so it’s alright if you won’t accept my apology. “Array stammered. Kefir gazed at her, finding the sincerity in her eyes.

He stood up and Array started hating him for making her feel ore embarrassed. Hopeless, she stared at the man with contentment at the man walking away from her. Kefir, on the other hand, is filled with regrets. He looked back and envisaged a sad face of the prettiest lady who rocked his world. Irresistibly, he smiled. And she saw it! The last class hour that afternoon seemed very tiresome and boring for her. Their Physics- teacher introduced himself as their school year’s adviser. He’s very busy discussing but Array’s attention isn’t at him. “This is the last year of you high school and I want you to enjoy every second of it.

I want to assure it. I’ll start with your seating arrangement. I know you were arranged in correspondence with your family names during your three previous years. I’ll make it different but I will still be the one to arrange you. I will let those talkative girls to sit beside third rushes so they’ll be quiet. ” Mr.. Rexes Jested. Everybody likes this teacher for having a sense of humor. “Mr.. Cortez… ” The teacher mentioned his name with emphasis and that made Array glanced furtively at him. “Sir… ” Kefir uttered. “l want to see you here in front. ” He asserted. “Sit here at the second chair from my right. “he continued.

The teacher referred to the chair beside Array’s. Dreamt-Hug Ezra Claire Casabas “Hahahahahahaha… What? You wanted to Join us play? ” one of my classmates sarcastically inquired. I then simply nodded. “But you can’t run like how we can! You have feet but those are peculiar than these of ours. You do not have toes! You are abnormal, a lame! ” she frankly stressed. Everybody who heard her laughed. That is how they called me; a lame, an abnormal, a defective, a disable… But I don’t think it is my fault. I don’t wish to be like this-?I do not aim to have these round feet which look similarly that of a ball.

Every time, they neglected me to Join them, I would Just run towards the school’s backyard and play alone feigning I’m with a playmate. I’m used of their words – of how they teased and hurt me. Before, three weeks ago, I would cry like I lost my favorite doll. But that was Just before-?not after that certain day; the day I tried to find comfort and consolation in my mother. “Mama, my classmates keep teasing me I’m abnormal – ” I started but she quickly broke in. “Will you shut up bastard? Do not dare talk to me, huh! I hate seeing that face of yours like how your blared at me. “Mama… ” I cried. Oh listen good-for-nothing tot, Stop calling me your mama! Get lost! ” she shouted and pushed me out of her room. After that incident which freshly lingered on my mind, I never cried again at my fellows’ words of teasing and pestering. When they badger me, I don’t care at all for besides, they are right, as mama said. I am an abnormal. I am defective. I am a good-for-nothing kid. One afternoon, before Uncle Noel arrived to fetch me, my teacher approached me. She informed me that I’m the one chosen to be the QUIZ BEE contestant and that she looked forward to talk to mama. When I went home, I found Grandma in the kitchen.

I immediately broached her about what my teacher had said. Uniform mama will be very proud of you Kyle. She’s in her room. Go. Tell her. ” Grandma said with a motivating smile. “Mama… ” I whispered. She turned her head to face me. Her eyes revealed rage and annoyance. Her brows almost meet. Mimi get out of here! ” “Mama, my teacher wants to talk to you. And ma, I’m the contestant for-?” ” I don’t care about you! Why can’t you understand? Didn’t I tell you to get lost? ” she blared. Something warm glided down from my eyes. My former teachers kept telling me before that mothers love their children. Could they be wrong?

I doubt if mama loves me. No longer sure. Ah! No, mama loves me. Even if in my ten years of existence, she hadn’t hugged me even once like what I mostly see on movies, I believe she loves me. If she doesn’t, she wouldn’t have given me the chance to see how beautiful life is – it’s enough. And I love her very much. Grandma found me crying when we met at the hallway. She embraced me and caressed my hair. And my mind wandered, imagining it’s mama who does such lovely thing. That night, I heard my Grandma and mama’s voice echoing. I sneaked out of my room and there I saw mama crying! Her eyes are filled with tears!

No one has the right to make my mama cry! Mimi don’t care ma! I hate that child and I’ll hate her until the world ends! She is a stain of my life! If not because of her, I would have enjoyed my teenage years! That child ruined my dreams and aspirations, she ruined everything! ” mama bellowed and Grandma slapped her face. Is mama referring to me? I am stain of her life? I ruined her life? Mimi are the one who ruined your life! Why Gleam? Did I tell you to get pregnant when your 16? Did Kyle beg you to conceive her? No Gleam! You wanted it! So now, do tot blame that innocent angel who’s a victim of your mistake! Grandma enraged. Anemia! Why am I blaming that worthless child when you’re really to be blamed? If you’ve Just let me continue aborting that damn thing, she would not be defective, she wouldn’t have existed – ” So that’s the history of my abnormality. Mama attempted to abort me. Mimi are very cruel Gleam! I do not know you anymore! To tell you, you don’t have right to make your daughter’s life miserable! I want you to leave this house, right now! ” Grandma cried. Mama Just stood unshaken, sobbing. “No Grandma. Please don’t make mama leave. I love mama. I begged. “l need her.

I’m goanna miss her scolding me. I’ll miss lurking in her room to kiss and hug her. Please Grandma, let mama stay. ” Mama looked at me. The tears from her eyes went on flowing. I drew closer to her and held her hand. “Mama, please don’t cry. It’s okay if you’ll scold me everyday ma, as long as you won’t leave. Stay mama, please. ” I cried beseeching her. It’s the most unforgettable night of my life. I was able to hug her very tight unlike the One of my dreams came true that night. Mama eventually proffered me my dreamt- hug – the embrace of a loving mother like what Eve seen on movies.