I have been through a lot, both good and bad. The one thing that changed my life is the day my precious daughter was born. Seeing her for the first time after waiting 9 long months changed my whole outlook on life instantly. Some people wonder how can you love and care about something so small. A baby is not a thing. A baby is a part of you that will never go away! My daughter was born April 6, 2012 at 10:21 am. She was BBS sizes and 18 h inches long.

After 9 long months of waiting, y daughter finally came into this world. It was the best day of my life. I was the first person to hold her after she came out. Holding her I didn’t want to put her down. I was so excited and overwhelmed by that fact that my baby girl was finally here where I could hold her. Seeing her looked like I was looking in a mirror. She was born 100% healthy in all aspects. We named her Aryan. We named her after her godfather RIP Nicholas S. Carnet. That’s how we came up with Nicole. My daughter being born changed my life and my whole outlook on life.

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I learned that a tot of the things our parents told us when we were younger like, get good grades, show respect for people and always be nice to everyone wasn’t to be mean or bad parents, it was because they love us. A parent’s love for their child/children is unconditional. My daughter means the world to me and I would go to the end of the earth for her. In conclusion, to my essay my daughter Is my world and I would do anything to protect her, love her, care for her and anything to make sure she wants for nothing. She has my heart and having her changed my life and I wouldn’t change It back or for the worse ever again!