As the destruction of one life began a new person is finally revealed and put to the ultimate test of reality. When I had finally arose from the darkness of inside my mother I knew I was in a long awakening. As a baby I didn’t expect much besides making sure I was properly taking care of. I had the “perfect” life until I was forced to prove my Initiation that I was able to become a “True Bonneville”. For my refusal of call I had pulled off a temper-tantrum but I was threatened to get the belt so I sucked It up and dealt with the thought of what will Ill ahead. Fortunately I was wrong about the future because I thought I was going to be cut and clean and have directions to my part of becoming the “True Bonneville”. No but it turns out one of the many challenges is that I have to make my own rules and when finished I get to edit it at the end and put it in the rule book. My challenge began when I was brought in the COPS (Child Protective Services) and I had to go to my grandparents. They were really strict and only like things done In a certain way. Every morning after you get done eating breakfast and getting ready for the day you were thrown outside.

My older brother and I had to use our imagination in order to make it through. When it was a bad day due to humidity, coldness, or when my grandmother said it wasn’t a good day we were In our bedroom and we had some few good sides into it and bad sides. As kids we had to play but I was able to brush her hair and play on her computer. Not only that but we were also able to watch 2 hours of television. Other than that you were only able to play with your toys and or read a book. When you would get into trouble you would have many consequences.

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My grandparents Invented the enmeshment of the chair in my family and all you had to do was after school or special occasion you had to place your butt in there and sit there and do work. You can only get up to use the bathroom, eat, and or drink. The other punishments were the usual: writing sentences, sit up against the wall and only read, and being grounded. I had to stay with them for about 18 months. It would have been shorter but my older brother and I had played a game that my older brother had made up. It’s called “The Slapping Game”.

It is where you have to slap your opponent and if you lunch then you get hit again until you don’t flinch anymore. The next I was told to go wipe something off my face but I couldn’t due to the fact that it was a bruise. Next thing you know the whole COPS people were on all of our butts and came to my school asking me all these questions about how my dad had hit me and it’s k if he did. Everyone told them he TLD but they didn’t take no for an answer. Finally after Like a week they had finally stopped riding our butts and gave up.

When the Kinsman, Arizona stated that me and my older brother were able to go back to our father we tot ready and started to move. I was a little excited because I was able to explore another place that I was able to do more research on for my rule book. The only challenge that I had saw for this one was the 1500 mile drive. It kind of scared me but I couldn’t let something as silly as a long drive on highways get me all worked up. To wake up early in the morning so we can get there in the little amount of time we have to take out of our life so we can focus the rest on what we need to.

I was up at around 6 in the morning and had to get dressed and eat. I was the second one to be up. The first one up was obviously my dad due to the fact that he had to make sure that everything was set and that there was nothing that could possibly go wrong while we are driving on the road. Next was my brother who is always the last minute guy we got used to it by now. We all got water, snacks, blankets, electronics, and pillows. Everyone was ready to head out at 8. So we got in our cars and the Journey began… 2 will my life come into place?

As the life goes on you have to pick what you need to accomplish and need in life. So what I have decided to do is to go too park. Preferably one that will have a bench so I an sit and think. As I walk to the park I always listen to music that will help me come up with some brainstorming of what my goals in life are. I already have some clear ideas that I will want to bring into my life and make me feel proud life. When I have finally gotten to the park and spotted a bench I take out the book of rules that I have in my bag that I always carry with me.

I start writing the goals that I would want to accomplish. The following are: 1, I would want to make a difference in the world. 2, I would like to know why I am here and what I would influence on people and what hey would do in their life. 3, why the world always likes to bring people down and challenge them. As I keep going on and on about these goals I want to figure out on the way out of nowhere there is this kid that Just keeps on bugging me and finally ii wanted to know what he wanted and he said that in order for me to be here I had to claim my territory.

Now I know that right now I am in the meeting of the goddess. While I was getting up he got to the starting line and I was baffled. I was curious of what this was. He told me that what we have to race all the way around the park and Hoover crosses the finish line first wins. So we got onto the line and out of nowhere here comes a tall person that told us that he is the referee and he will managed on who will win the race and claim the park. He asked if we were ready and we both shook our heads and he started counting. 3.. 2. 1 …….. GO! All you see is us two running all the way around the park.

During the time I am running I look to my left and I see him neck and neck to me. So I decided to reduce my speed and come right up behind him so I don’t have the wind right in my face and so I can gain acceleration when it comes to the end. As we come to the last mum sprint I gotten enough speed that I cut him off because I realized that he is tired. As I gained speed he looks at me shocked. I run as fast as my legs would take me and surprisingly I was running so fast he was going farther away from me. As soon as I passed the finish the finish line all I hear him say is “FINISHED”.

When my opponent finally came up to me he congratulated me and told me I can go back and do what I was doing. When I had gotten back to my book I immediately put that experience in the rule book and finished up my goals. After I finished up putting in my last thought I closed it, put it back into my bag and Just sat there. I was tired of doing things I Just wanted to take a break and Just relax a bit before I continue my Journey. Right before it was hitting when I get up I Just walk up and follow a little cement path and it goes on for miles.

I just walked and I don’t know how long I walked until it gets to my cabin of where I was supposed to stay do to my challenge. I ended up getting there at around 10:30 pm. As I put my bag away I realize that I haven’t done what I wanted to do. Tomorrow I am focusing on me. My interests come into action When one commits to seriousness he has to have something as a getaway. When I always have the time or I Just don’t feel like dealing with certain things I would focus on the one thing and that would be my track and field career.

I need to get better at it so eventually I can go to state and letter in the events that I do. I am not a track runner I am more of a fielder. My events that I do is long and triple Jump. So far my record that was recorded in practice was 16′ 1″ for my long Jump. When it comes to districts for long Jump I only got 15’3. 5″ because I scratched on my 3 Jump. As for my triple Jump my longest recorded was 32’4″. As for districts I had wrong footing so I only got 31’6. 5″. I want to get stronger at it so what I need to do is focus on my strategy.

Once I do that then I can focus on how to make me have faster acceleration so I can be able to get more momentum to Jump no only higher but farther as well. When I have accomplished those 2 things in my head I will be unstoppable. What I always start out for training is running at least a mile. I do that because it calms me down and gets me worked up for the competitiveness that I bring to myself. I love to halogen myself because it helps me understand that I can overcome even myself. When I get done with my run I usually do some stretching right after that.

When I am feeling rushed I don’t necessarily do the stretching I go straight into the work. For this kind of thing I do I mainly do it for not wanting to go home while challenging my mental stability? So I am having an apotheosis phase right now. I Just want to do things that helps me have fun and be a kid instead of worrying things right now. I guess the main reason why I like track is based on me instead of a team. I like Just to ark alone when being a competitive person. I don’t really have a reason I guess I just like to be territorial and keep me limits to myself instead of having to share what I got.

That is why I train so much and keep my training at a precise schedule and follow through it so that I know that no matter what I will come up on top. When I lose my meets and don’t get placed into the top 4 1 feel down on myself because I feel like I didn’t put in the amount of work that I should have for this reason. I believe that is why I am in MAMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I have really bad OPTS and that causes me to eave anger management. When I get into tournaments for my fighting career I release all the anger that I get. I mostly get my anger from my family.

I don’t really enjoy my family so that’s why I am in these activities to make sure that when I do take stuff out on it isn’t the people I end up getting in trouble with. I was never a champion for my fighting career but I was a champion for my grappling and grounding career. I study under McMahon Brazilin Juju-jujitsu. Not only do they teach me about different types of scenarios but also we fight in different types of clothing as well. We get into GIs and we have to fight in those and we fight without them. I enter in what is called NAG tournament and that is a tournament held in many different 4th time going into there.

Since I became experienced in the tournament I can already Judge people and use the certain moves based on what they look like of their stance and previous performance. It was my first time getting first in the tournament and it felt great. Some things I believe are here for a reason due to the fact of what you have and what you know you can overcome based on your past. I do this based n a stress reliever and not having to worry what next horrible thing will come into my pathway because I am more focused on what I have that is more important than that.

I like to see myself as the one that did bad things but turned it into a good thing based on its experience in certain areas. 4 the curiosity of my life Finally the day shall come and you show your true colors. I usually like to Just get away for a little bit so I get packed up and I Just go off running. I never know what I will find but the fact that when I do find something that will suit me in the moment I ill take that chance and hopefully I can get something out of it. I mostly like to Just run to the woods and par core there.

I like to do exploration of the nature because of what happened when I was in the 5th grade. In the 5th grade we were supposed to create a society and give where and when it will be. So my friend Gavin and I we created a Native American society and we called it Redwood. We made little bits of badges that look like peace symbols. So what we would do is we would go to the woods and find the creek and we would go to the frozen waterfall and right on top we loud start building our society there. We wanted this to become a reality and get actual people to come and Join.

First we had to figure out what is what and who will run certain things. We had to create anthems and money system. As we come up with this while we build our society we also came up with what food we would have. Since we can’t actually get fish and stuff from the creek and the waterfall so what we do is we would earn money from our parents and go to the Mint mart right across the street and get some food for our place. I wanted to create a place that I could get way from the world but I realize that I couldn’t unless I look everywhere and find out which is the best place that is suitable for me.

As I continue to run to the woods I find that this person standing right in front of the cement path. I run up to the man as temptress and all he is doing is holding up a sign saying “if you are a member of Redwood clan come to me” I was quite shocked on what is going on and so I told him that I was the person that created the clan and he was finally happy from what I could tell because all I see him smiling. He takes me to what he calls is his secret lair ND what it looks like is Just a trousers. But in the trousers it looks like a place that has a whole bunch of ideas.

He tells me he has been wanting to Join since he was in the group. As I keep talking to him he finally tells me his name. “My name is Xavier Johnson” I remember his name from somewhere. I asked him where have we met before and he told me that we were in basketball tryouts together. 000000HHHHHH!!!! Now I get it. See I wasn’t the kind of person that was extremely sporty but the fact that I got in during 7th grade I thought I would make it back in 8th grade at my old school. When we finally know about when we knew each other he showed me some good ideas on about how to make the civilization more efficient and with it.

We came up with the solution that we would put the government in its own little place to protect it from being bombarded and whoever would walk there would have to be its own messenger’s gathered from people that would take up all the ideas, complaints, and records that have been kept. Not only that but we came up with the fact that we who created it don’t have to be the one that will be held for the government position, but that we will be getting whatever we want but there is some assure way into it.

We wouldn’t want to get special treatment and that there will be no social class and everyone will be treated the same and that no one will be secluded from a specific event. If you disk obey the rules you will have to either choose a punishment that is between 2 decent ones or take one that all the civilians would think is best. We are not a democracy and force people to do specific things that doesn’t need to be. Finally we have decided that we will let everyone decided on what they will believe in when it comes to the higher power.

Now that we have everything overdo I think it would be best that will get started right away so in the end I can put this in my rule book. 5 The one that helps you the most When my Journey becomes tough I have my spirits that help me. As we get done building I start to wonder who is there to tell you what is right and what there is to fix. Not Just in your projects that you build but everything that you do. While I put the last little bit of rules that I do I am missing Just one part. MY SPIRIT!!!! I cannot believe this happened I thought I got this squared away. I wanted to find this out quick because today is the day I come home.

So I don’t even know where to start. I guess I would have to go to a certain place that is alone. Wait I got it. I’ll Just go to the one place that I only know where it is. The center of the field. It is very hard to get. When I get there I bring sacrifices of its own land to put it on what is called the “Tree of life”. After I put the sacrifices there (a marking of your sign, a dandelion, and a fallen branch), I go in the tree that has an opening that my family put ritual candles surrounding the middle of the tree. In the center of the inside of the tree was a mat that is for only prayer use.

There I sit and Just meditate. I don’t pray because I don’t have a religion I Just as my past for some advice so they can help me not make the mistakes that they made in the past. Finally after a couple of minutes I finally get supernatural aid from my ancestors. From what I get out of it I need to take things slow and take everything inn and so that eventually I can use that into my greater use. While I get up to thank them I noticed that something wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I knew that it was supposed to blow wind but the only time it shouldn’t is when something is happening in the family.

Snap I forgot it was my brother’s birthday that is why I was supposed to return home with my rule book complete. Now I was going to give it to him so that I can give this for his birthday present. Oh everything is making sense now and all this is because all of my ancestors. It is making me feel like I am a master of 2 worlds. Due to the fact that I got help and actually understood them for the first time. As I run back to the cabin to get my things I am starting to believe that there really is something that is above us and will pin-point us to the right direction no matter what they are.

Here I am I need to hurry I have to be home in 2 hours. That means I got to book it. So as I run I am trying to write the rest of my spiritual words in there. As the day comes to an end I see the but will they accept me once I show them my book? I guess we are going to have to find out. As I walk in everyone looked at me and Just stared. Eventually all you see is my father walk up to me and told me how proud he was to see me return. I told him that I have finished my book and that I am ready to share with everyone. We walked to the dining table where my brother was and he has gotten bigger.

I would say he has grown about a couple of inches of when I last seen him. After we got done getting settled of when I came back we actually had a good time. Until the time I had to hand my rule book over. As I handed it over I was getting really nervous and I feel like they might not accept me and my rules. Finally it comes to them reading it aloud. After he spoke the first word my OPTS started coming and it is driving me crazy. They kept reading on and on until they couldn’t read no more. When my older brother finally got done reading my book everyone was dead silent.

A minute later my brother tot up from his seat walked over to me and told me that it is very interesting and that he accepts that. WHOA! I have one person accept me I wonder if my dad will to. My brother walks over to my dad and all you see is them talking in the corner for a really long time. Regardless if it was really 5 minutes it seemed forever. When the time pasted my dad comes over and for once I finally see him shed a tear and tell me that he is proud to accept me as not only a son but also a Bonneville. YES!!!! Now that I am a “TRUE” Bonneville I am able to Join in the activities and finally reunite with my family in happiness.