Whenever somebody ask me to relate an experience that I can never forget, millions of different experiences comes to my mind. But there Is only one experience which I would consider memorable and unforgettable. It was the first time I went to Enchanted Kingdom In Laguna where I rode a roller coaster. Why? The fear, excitement and anxiety that I felt, is beyond one’s Imagination. Let me recall the whole incident. It happened in 2007 where I started my career in BOP industry, where the company ask us to stay in Clark since we do not have the facility yet here n Divas to start with.

So, the two first batch went to Clark for training for three months. During the first three weeks we spent in Clark, we decided for our team to have a team building since some of my team were first timers in Manila. So I suggested to spend it in Enchanted Kingdom since it would also be my first time to go there. It was a sunny day. I woke up in the morning. Our dormitory was noisy because everyone is preparing for our travel to Laguna. “Wear going to Enchanted Kingdom today. ” My roommate’s voice Interrupted my thought. I could sense happiness In her cheerful voice.

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The moment we all reached Mall of Salsa to get a ride to Enchanted Kingdom, my close friend suggested to take a Van so that we would be much comfortable. So we reached the entrance of EEK and we all had taken our own pictures individually and as a group. My supervisor suggested, “Let’s go for a ride in a roller coaster first. I’ve heard so much about the roller coaster here and I’m dying to try it. ” I said: “No way, I wouldn’t want to be scared to death”. I protested, shaking my head from left to right as hard as I could. And everyone agrees to try that first. I don’t have a choice but to go with them.

I don’t know if I have to stay or try it out with my other teammates. I guess, I have no choice but to try and see how I will conquer my fear. “Hurry up! ” urged my Supervisor. I followed him unwillingly. I was even more nervous when I saw the CAUTION. My teammate led me Into a small room where the person-in-charge showed us our seats. I sat on my seat reluctantly. “Relax and enjoy the ride! ” my Supervisor tried to comfort me but It did not help. I nodded obediently and managed to flash him a smile. After a while, I heard a siren that hurt my ears. The siren warned us that the SCARY trip was about to begin. I shut my eyes tightly.

Both my hands seized the seat so tightly that they ached, I guess I was panicky. I tried to calm myself down but in vain. I heard people shouting excitedly. They were so eager to begin the ride. Finally, I felt the roller coaster move. Slowly first, then faster, faster as it began to pick up speed. I felt my stomach turning upside down. It moved so fast that I nearly fell from my seat. I felt streaming down my face from my forehead. My heart was pounding loudly. I regretted taking a rider on this scary thing. I was looking at my seatmate and she was looking very excited with the ride, UT I felt like I am going to fell at that moment.

It was driving me nuts. The roller coaster swung to the left and then to the right. When the roller coaster slid down from the highest peak, It was the most frightening part of the whole trip. My eyes were wide open, my heart stopped beating. I screamed at the top of my voice and my hair was “flying wildly in the air. The fifteen minute ride on the roller coaster was like coaster. I buried my face in my hands because I felt the world is spinning. But it was a great feeling that I have conquered my fear and was able to survive the ride. It was scary but an experience that I could never forget.