The day started out as normal as any day could be. I woke up, played with my bugs life finger puppets, ate some cereal, hopped in the shower, and took off towards school. I was running late, like usual, when my car decided not to start. So naturally, instead of asking my parents for a ride, I decided to sprint. I made it half way to the school when I felt something crawling on my head. I immediately started screaming and turning in circles until I fell on the ground in a panic.

My legs began to flail, I started beating my hands on the ground, and began chanting, “Bog Log, Shimmy Change, Tipsy Tops, AWAKE! ” When my eyes flew open, I could not believe what I saw. My vision was so clear. I could see a complete circle all the way around me. I thought it was a little bit odd that I didn’t have to turn around to complete this task, but my attention was not focused on what transformation had taken place. I stared to stand up, but realized that I was already standing. I looked down and opened my mouth to let out an enormous scream.

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Instead of a scream, the noise that escaped my mouth was ear piercing. The tone resembled fingernails on a chalkboard. I tried to scream again, but all that came was the same noise over and over again. As soon as I became fed up with trying to scream, I decided I better get to school no matter what shape I was In. When I arrived at the school, I stood there, straightening on how to open the door. I spotted Lope coming out of the office towards the front door, so I held In the garden my Mrs.. Green’s room. I waited for him to walk out the door and scurried Into the school.

I Hough I had made It with out anyone seeing me but Mr.. Sutton started walking in the opposite direction as Lope. I stood as still as possible. When I noticed that he was talking to himself again about how good he looked In his suit, I knew I was safe. I crawled to the office so I could look at the clock and see which class I needed to attend. It was fourth hour, which meant the hour was government class. My heart sank. From the beginning of the year, Mr.. Barrett set only two rules. One, no looking him directly In the eye, and two, no talking about, looking at, or crushing…

I could not even bring my self to say “the word. ” Mr.. Barrett was deathly afraid of “this word. ” He had to be rushed to the hospital after he saw “this word. ” He had poison stashed In his overhead cart that would kill “this word” wealth seconds of exposure. My worst nightmare was playing out right before my eyes! I had somehow become a gigantic “this word! ” “I’m a… Lam a… Lam A BUG! ” As I shrieked that last statement, I knew I could not have been the only one to hear my awful excuse for a voice.

I began to feel quick feet moving around Mr.. Barrette’s classroom, red flashing lights with alarms activated, and a loud machine-Like sound growled from Inside. The door opened, I saw a puff of dust, and before I hit the ground, I noticed In Mr.. Barrette’s shirt pocket a book entitled; How to be Prepared When Killer Bugs Strike For Dummies. I hit the ground and everything went black. Unbelievable things had taken place that odd day. When I awoke, I had what felt Like the worst pain In the world shooting all the way through the front side of my body.

I looked around and realized I was sprawled out In the he color of a tasty summer tomato. For 4 hours, I had been laying in the road having a dream about turning into a giant bug while acquiring the worst sunburn of my life. I stood up, painfully brushed off the rock and dirt, and made my way down the path towards school for the second, and what I hoped to be, the last time that day. Nothing was going to stop me from having a good day, not even a third degree burn… That was until I heard the tires shriek, horn honk, and the whole cycle of the day beginning once more.