Nowadays, many people, especially adults, think that it’s difficult to teenagers to have a first love. In my opinion, that’s Just a wrong idea. I remember when I fell In love for the first time, I remember it like it was yesterday, but already some years have passed away, however, the passion and the amazing feelings I used to have for him are still the same. I definitely still remember what he looked Like and how much I loved him , to be honest, I still love him like everything astonishing In this suspicious world. Although there was an age difference, I couldn’t help what I felt at the moment when

I saw him for the first time. He was between his handsome cousins, one was black and the other one white. I can’t say It was love at the first sight, because at the beginning, I had feelings for both and so I was unsure about my emotional state, his white cousin was almost Irresistible. After some time, besides all this drama, I lost my mind and fell Into that temptation. It felt Like destiny guided us. From that moment I knew we were meant to be together-when my tongue touched him for the first time, I never felt something so powerful. I have to admit that just remembering all these memories causes a sweet ache in my heart.

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Sometimes I were doubting about our relationship, I thought he was causing me too much regret because I was spending too much time of my life with him which one day would cause me some problems in the future. However, now I know I never want to lose this first and last love, because besides all the happiness that weave been through together, he’s the one who when I feel a little melancholy help me with his incredible skills to make me happy. Love you, Milk Chocolate, London specifically Oh and Kinder. Forever and ever, until my last breath.