My Favorite Place My Favorite place Is In Sedona, Arizona, and It’s called Slide Rock. The park is named after the famous Slide Rock, a stretch of slippery creek bottom adjacent to the homestead. Visitors may slide down a slick natural water chute or wade and sun along the creek. They will have to pay a five dollar parking fee, which is well worth it. They can also camp out at slide rock and look at the beautiful view.

On my trip to slide rock, I sat in the bright cherry red Durango with my mom, dad, my sister Amber, and my brothers Brendan, and David for ten tiring hours. My head was pounding from all the music and people talking. Then, as we started going high up in elevation, I looked down the tall rocky mountain that was filled with green tress and cute, tiny little houses. Monitored what It would be like to live on a mountain. At the same time, I was very anxious to get off the mountain because of the fear I have with heights.

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Finally, my dad says “we are ere,” I was very enthusiastic about getting out of the car and being able to go In water. While I was walking down towards the water, I saw about 400 different colors of swimming suits on people’s bodies, shining when the sun hit them. People were having so much fun; I was able to tell by how much they were screaming of excitement. On the shiny red rocks there were girls soaking the sun into their pale white skin. Then, when I looked down in the blue fast moving water, I saw cheerful little kids going down the natural water chute, showing their pearly whites as their arena grabbed their camera.

When ever we found a spot to set our stuff down, the first thing I did was Jump off grasshopper point, which is as tall as a 5 story building. It was very exhilarating, but yet very fun. Right when I Jumped into the freezing cold water, I felt Like I was In a pool full of ice, but I still wanted to go again. I did It about 6 times, and, while I was doing It, I heard a lot of clicking sounds and I saw a bright light from the corner of my eye, so I looked at my dad and he was taking pictures with his black limit camera.

After I jumped off grasshopper point I went down the natural water chute. The guy made me wait thirty seconds, so that I could give the little girl in front of me time to get out. When the guy finally pushed me, I was full of Joy and excitement, and my checks were red from laughing, and my jaw was sore from all the screaming. While going down the water chute, my butt hit every rock on the bottom, like I was sliding down a rocky mountain. I was hitting the side of the rocks whenever I turned, causing my arm to look like a tomato.

It didn’t hurt as much as you think it loud because I was having so much fun that pain wasn’t going to ruin my day. When the sun was starting to go down, we sat on the red rock to watch the beautiful pink, purple, orange sunset. Then my dad decided that It was time to go, even though none of us wanted to leave because we were having so much fun. We decided to, go anyway because we were so tired and we all needed a shower from playing In the dirty water. Therefore we start driving to a hotel in Sedona because we needed to butt and the pillows were as fluffy as a cotton candy stick.