The most untidy place I know is my room. It is home to dust and a tourist spot for germs. As you walk towards the door and touch the knob you will find some green go and super sticky. When you open the door you won’t only feel horrified but dizzy. This is because the smell which I couldn’t find where it was coming from. It is fine until you don’t faint. The first thing you see is my TV which is located in the corner of the wall where my cockroaches dwell. Placed on the TV is my collection of the bubble heads and maybe a sock or two.

What supports my TV is a fine wooden drawer and one of the drawers is slightly open. This is because something is stuck behind it and no one is ready to take it out; a typical family problem. As you enter I warn you, watch your step as there maybe something sore for your eyes. In front of my TV is my bed, but I call it a coat rack. You may find hats, caps or a stinking rat! Under the bed are my school books where I use them as support. On your left will be my metal cupboard which has thousand stickers from Harry Potter to Mackey Mouse of all efferent colors.

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In my cupboard you won’t find clothes, but you will find Junk which may have expired over more than two years. My favorite thing in my room Is my rug, it acts like a red carpet for superstars but I like It because It Is my emergency trashcan. If I accidentally drop something, I quickly sweep It under my rug, swiftly. I have windows and curtains but don’t use It to look out. My windows Is cracked on one side and scratched on another. Well, my curtains’ are really towels hanging around.

And on one side of my room Is my wall, on this wall, I put posters, I draw with pencils, I spray paint and smash with a hammer. I put my clothes In a special place. I place It under my study table as my cupboard space Is already used up, If you bend down to take a peak, you will see a heap of clothes of different colors. If you are lucky you may find my snake “Icing Chill” who might have hatched eggs by now. People say my room Is a mess and my mother has been telling me to clean It up for a decade but I think It Is a new adventure everyday holding new disgusting surprises.