One memory that really sticks out in my mind from my childhood is when I got my first skateboard. I remember for weeks after I spent hours upon hours outside on it, and I continue to ride to this day. It was the day of the party for my 8th birthday. I was outside playing basketball waiting impatiently for people to arrive. As they began to arrive a marveled at all the gifts being brought into the house. The party went slowly by as I waited to open my fits.

When the time finally came to open gifts I remember being disappointed in most of them. I had one gift left to open and Judging by the size of it I didn’t think it would be anything good. I opened it up and saw a skateboard. I thanked my grandparents politely for giving me the gift and set it off to the side so I could enjoy the rest of the party. The next day I went outside to try it out so the gift wouldn’t be completely wasted and to my surprise I loved riding it.

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There was such a good feeling of freedom and individuality knowing that in the sport of skating I didn’t have to do what others did, I didn’t have to depend on others, and didn’t have a coach telling how to do things, it was all Just me. This is an important memory from my childhood because to this day I continue to ride skateboards and love every minute of It. Sometimes I reflect on my grandparents decision to get me something I never asked for and I thank them for that.