My bloody sister It was a cold dark night. I was so scared I wanted to cry but I was afraid that my mother would hear me. It all started a week before, she lost a lot of money and she was fired from her Job. She always said all that happened because of me and my sister. She started to hit us more and more every day. But this night she got insane. She was planning to kill us. “many! ” my mom screamed at me. I was struggling, trying to get out, but she put me in a small box. I was putting my dolls in it in the past.

I started crying, and crying “please mom don’t kill me, please set me free. ” I was begging her to let me out. “shut up” she said, then I heard her leaving. I hate small places. I was unable to breathe. I want to get out. I don’t want to die. I start to hit the box and move right and left. It hurt me so much but I want to get out from the box. Then It broke and I got out from “Oh my God” I said, there she was, my sister, tied to a chair and blood was coming out from her throat, hands and feet. “catty” I said, close to her Ear. She was so cold, UT she was alive.

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Leave before she catches you, run, run for your life” she said with a very low voice. I start to cry. “No, don’t cry ” she said to me. Kissed her and I got out from the house. It was so cold. But I said “no I can’t go without my sister. ” I came back to the house very quietly. Set her free. She was unable to walk so I carried her. She was full of blood and cold. I leave the house carrying my sister. She was so heavy but I can’t leave her there. I walked and walked but it was so dark, but I remember that there was a cave close to our house. And my sister were playing in It all the time. “thank God” I said when I found It. I sat In It with my sister. Looked at the snow. It was all red because of the blood that was coming out from my sister. I was so rued I slept beside my sister. “mainly” I heard my mother screaming. I knew that she found us. She was running toward us. I said to myself, ‘there is no way to get out right now. ‘ she was coming closer and closer. I hold my sister’s hand. “don’t be a afraid, I’m with you,” my sister said. Then she smiled and closed her eyes. Cake up catty’ said, but she wasn’t waking, she wasn’t breathing. Then I heard footsteps coming into the cave. She looked at me and said “you stupid girl. You want to save your sister but you get yourself killed instead of that. ” I hugged my sister and I was crying and crying and asking my sister to help me. My mother said “you will die now, Just Like your sister. ” then she pulled me from my hair and starter to hit my head by the rocks. Suddenly the pain was gone and my sister was standing wearing a beautiful white dress. He took my and And we left together. “mainly! ” my mom screamed at me. I was struggling, trying to get out, but she put me “please mom don’t kill me, please set me free.