Everyone has a friend with whom you feel like sharing every moment of your life. I am lucky that I found one . We have known each other since I was in grade 7. To me, he is really special boy. Not only does he has a good appearance, he also has a good personality. He is smart and handsome. However, the thing that makes everybody like him the most is his personality . He is always very positive, cheerful and modest. He’s one of the best student in my class. He’s good at every subject, but she never showed pride In his abilities and always tried to learn harder.

Besides, he’s always ready to help her friends in their study. That’s why many people In my class cherished him. Furthermore, he is very warm-hearted and friendly . Though he Is bit deferent from every guy I have met so far, he falls to express himself most of the times , apart from this he Is very caring, kind, and makes friends selflessly. Moreover, to me, he Is a great friend who always knows how to take care and share. Whenever I’m sad or cheerful, happy or In sorrow, he’s always next to me to share with me.

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Sometimes, I et Into trouble, which makes me tired , worried and discouraged, he Is always willing to come beside me, help me calm down, give me helpful advice so that I can come over. Not only that, he is very reliable, I can share my secrets with him without a bit worries. He is really a person who always listens to me, understands me every time and every where, though he has different attitude to tackle things. That’s why he became my close friend. I always feel proud because of having a great friend likes him on my side.