Breton science homework Aim: In science we did an experiment about elephant skin, it was about if elephants cool down quicker when wet or dry.

Equipment: 2 thermometers and beakers, hot water (to put inside of the beaker), tap water (to wet the cottons pen, paper, ruler and a rubber (this is for your graph and data) Method: first get two beakers then wrap one In cotton wool and wet it with a tap water temperature representing the water an elephant would spray on Its self to cool down , then wrap one In cotton wool and then leave It dry, the cotton wool emulates (emulate Just means to copy) the elephants kin, Then put water In both of the beakers make sure the water Is put Inside the beakers at the same time and make sure you put the same amount of water In the beakers, why?

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Place 1 thermometer In each beaker and measure the temperatures each minute but make sure you record the data, look at the results on the thermometer twice, after workout the average by adding the data in each column and dividing it by the number of times you recorded the data in each column, if you don’t understand raise your hand and tell the teacher, work with a partner or a group of three, good luck. Read it all to make sure you understand and to make sure you are doing the test right.

Independent variable: the conditions of the cottons wrapped around the beaker. Dependent variable: temperature in both the beakers covered in cotton. Control variable: The amount of water inside the beakers, the amount of the cotton wrapped around the beakers, the room conditions and water temperature at the beginning of the test.