I think that modern inventions make people lazy because they make everything easier. The car, for instance, allows people to travel long distances without having any physical strain on their body. The television is something that people sit in front of for hours on end until they have made an imprint of their butt on their couch and 7 hours a day of channel 35 is second nature. The fact that people can now watch TV shows in high definition and record, pause, rewind, or fast forward through their favorite programs isn’t helping.

Video games also play a large part in laziness. For some people, video games can be Just as addictive as drugs. I recently dealt with a customer at Gamester that sold every single one of his games, and mentioned selling some of his articles of clothing, Just so he could pay for his subscription to World of Warrant. People have adapted to making the simple things simpler, and forms of entertainment such as participation in sports seems far fetched to many.

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But modern technology also shares the blame with work. People have little free time in recent years because most of us spend most that time working. Such a dedication for the next paycheck brings more work home. When the work is finished, the only thing people want to do is lazily relax. Fast food restaurants are used more frequently to fit into a busy schedule, and exercise Is a painful thought for many who Just returned home from a long day.