There is Francis Bacon assertion saying “don’t trust someone who shows contempt to wealth, because the wealth is despicable by those who have been discouraged to get it. ” Of course they will not mind to get one suddenly. Another philosopher had been said “there are many people despicable the wealth, but fewer can desist from it. ” Every one of us have asked oneself question ‘What I would do if I were millionaire? ‘ or “What I would pay my money for If I had won them on lottery? ” From one hand If I were millionaire I would be so happy, I guess so.

I would undertake circumnavigation Journey and during it I would get familiar with other people’s culture and life style. Other I would do is to give money to poor people sometimes. A certain amount of money I would give for charity. Every one has right to be happy. Happiness can’t be paid for. But if you buy a flower or something simple, or do these for someone else, the sense you have made him feel good is greatest happiness for you. Perhaps if I were a millionaire I could run prosperity business.

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And to run it in roper manner I would need good leaders. So to be millionaire means responsibility. Many people share private opinion that with money is easier to live and the life is better. Shakespeare had given a sentence that where gold goes forward all roads are open. Some people could make oneself attempt to refuse this assertion, like saying that health cannot be bought with money. And they could be right somewhat. But If someone has not enough money he will not be able perhaps to pay for health, because in today’s time everything Is money paid.