My Life My mom used to say that I was born to swim. But the truth is that I didn’t know how to swim until the last year of my primary school! Mom always said that I could swim in the basin when I was only two months old. I was surprised at the amazing fact. If this was true, then why was I afraid of water? I went to swim every summer, but I didn’t make a little progress. I was worried and blamed myself several times. When I watched people swimming freely, how I wished I had learnt to swim! The story of how I learnt to swim is dramatic.

One hot summer afternoon, my ether and I went to the swimming pool to swim. While my father was changing his clothes, I was roaming along the bank of the pool. Suddenly I heard a voice, “Look out! ” and then came a big noise and beautiful splashes. Just when I was admiring the swimmer’s skills, I slipped into the pool! I was so afraid that I shouted at once! But the water kept coming towards me and I drank a lot of it. I was moving upside down and trying to reach the bank. I was struggling very hard to keep my head above the water. A minute was like a hundred years to me. To my surprise, I was able to keep the style!

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Just then, my father, saw me and he seemed to be shocked. He then said, “Calm down, Just wave your arms and legs like this. Right! ” And I got it! I finally learnt to swim! You can’t imagine how happy I was and I wanted to Jump for Joy! From this unforgettable experience I learnt that one’s power Is unlimited. Sometimes you could show that power in an emergency. If you believe that, you will discover the power lying within yourself and achieve your goals. And one has to stay calm when it’s dangerous. To calm down helps you to think clearly and make the best decision for you. That’s what I have learnt from the experience.