Making friends is one of the most crucial factors in our life. You need to learn how to read people and their personalities. You don’t want people to think that you’re not interesting, or that you’re way to interesting. Here are three ways that can help you make friends easier. When you first meet a person, you have to figure out how your going to approach that person and introduce yourself , and if you would like to be friends with that person.

If your in the work place you would naturally approach them and talk to them bout sports or maybe their hobbies. If outside of the work place, you could casually ask about their day or weekend. You need to continue to make small talk and things will then go naturally. The next step would be to figure out a way to keep running into that person. Even if you left them with a great first impression, It’s hard to call them a friend if you don’t keep visiting with them. Friendships are built on quality time spent together.

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The last thing you must do is meet up with them out of work. Meet at a local bar, exchange contact information such as social networking, phone numbers and addresses. Meeting all the time do to different activities creates quality bonds and new memories, but most Importantly creates new friendships. Furthermore humans need friendships. If you follow my three simple steps of creating friendships by approaching people and Introducing yourself, making yourself available for small talk and lastly by trading contact Information. You will never be with out a friend.