Arthur Burden and Dry. Prophet walked in silence. Arthur had just arrived in Paris. He was a surgeon at SST Lake’s hospital, and had come to study the methods of the French doctors; but the real object of his visit to Paris was certainly to see Margaret Daunted. He looked upon himself as a happy man. He loved Margaret with all his heart and he was sure of her affection for him. It was impossible that anything could disturb the pleasant life they had planned together. “We’re going to fix the date of our marriage now,” Arthur remarked to Dry. Prophet. “I’m buying furniture already. L think only English people could behave as oddly as you in postponing your marriage without any reason for two years,” replied the doctor. “You see, Margaret was ten when first saw her, and only seventeen when I asked her to marry me. She seemed hardly ready for marriage. She was still growing. We loved each other and we had a long time before us. We could wait. ” At that moment a man walked past them, a big stout fellow, dressed In a bright check suit. He gravely took off his hat and greeted Dry. Prophet. The doctor smiled and returned the salutation. “Who is your fat friend? ” asked Arthur. “He is an Englishman too.

His name is Oliver Had. ” “An artist? ” asked Arthur in the scornful tone in which he spoke of those whose work was not so practical as his own. “Not exactly. I met him some time ago by chance. When I was collecting the material for my little book on the old alchemists I read a great deal In the library of the “Arsenal”, which as you may know Is rich In works dealing with the occult sciences. One day I was studying some question on which it seemed impossible to find any authorities. The librarian could not help me, and I wanted to give up the search, when this person brought me the book I needed.

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I was ere grateful to the stranger. We left together that afternoon, and our common studies gave a theme of conversation. I found that his knowledge was extraordinary wide, and he was able to give me Information about works I had never even heard of. ” “And what Is he by profession? ” Doctor Prophet smiled. “You know, Paris is full of odd people. It is the home for every kind of eccentricity. It seems incredible, but my friend Oliver Had says he is a magician. I think he is quite serious. ” “Silly ass,” answered Arthur scornfully. Chapter 2. Margaret Daunted lived in an art studio near the Boulevard Nontransparent with Susie Boyd.

That afternoon Arthur was coming to see them. The young women were expecting him. Susie was looking forward to the meeting with interest. She had heard a great deal about the young man, and knew about his romance with Margaret. For years Susie had led the monotonous life of a teacher in a school for young ladies, and when Margaret who had been her pupil, told her of her Intention to spend a couple great affection for Margaret and with almost maternal pride watched how each year added new charm to her extraordinary beauty. She was proud to think that she would hand over to Arthur Burden a woman whose character she had helped to arm.

Susie knew, partly from fragments of letters which Margaret read to her, partly from her conversation, how passionately he adored his bride, and she saw that Margaret loved him too. The story of their love was very romantic. Margaret was the daughter of a lawyer with whom Arthur had been friendly, and when he died, many years after his wife, Arthur became the girl’s guardian. He tried to give her everything she could possibly want, and when at 17 she told him of her wish to go to Paris and learn drawing, he agreed at once. The preparations for the Journey were made when

Margaret discovered by chance that her father had died penniless and she had lived ever since at Urethra’s expense. When she went to see him with tears in her eyes and told him what she knew, Arthur was very embarrassed. “But why did you do it? ” she asked him. “Why didn’t you tell me? ” “l didn’t want you to feel any obligation to me, and I wanted you to feel quite free,” She cried. She could not stop her tears. “Don’t be silly,” he laughed, “You owe me nothing, I’ve done very little for you, and what I have done gave me a great deal of pleasure. ” “l don’t know how I can ever repay you. Oh, don’t say that,” he cried out “It makes it much more difficult for me to say what I want to. ” She looked at him quickly and reddened. “1 would do anything in the world for you,” she said. “l don’t want you to be grateful to me, because I hoped I’d be able to ask you to marry me some day… ” Margaret laughed as she held out her hands. “You must know that I’ve been wanting you to say that since I was ten. ” She was quite willing to give up her idea of Paris and be married immediately, but Arthur had made up his mind they could not marry till she was nineteen.

He asked her not to change ere plans and to go to Paris, but suggested that she should not live alone; because of that she went to live with Susie. Susie Boyd was thirty, but she looked older. She was not pretty, but her face was so kind, her sense of humor so attractive, that no one after ten minutes thought of her ugliness. Her taste was so good, her talent for dressing so remarkable, that she was able to make the most of herself. It was due to her influence that Margaret was dressed always in the latest fashion. There was a knock at the door, and Arthur came in. “This is the fairy prince,” said Margaret, leading him to her friend.

I’m glad to see you to thank you for all you’ve done for Margaret,” he smiled, taking Issue’s hand. While Margaret was preparing tea, his eyes followed her movements with a touching dislike devotion. Margaret felt that he was looking at her and turned round. Their eyes met and they stood some time gazing at each other silently. “Don’t be a pair of perfect idiots,” exclaimed Susie gaily. “I’m dying for my tea. ” The lovers laughed and blushed. Margaret smiled with happy pride! For all her good nature, Susie could not help feeling a pang of Jealousy for she was also capable of love, but no one had ever ride to find it.

No one had ever whispered in her ear the charming nonsense that she read in books. She knew that she had no beauty to help her and she was not young any longer, but her instinct told her that she was made to be a good wife and chatter. She looked at Margaret and Arthur, but they were too preoccupied with each other to notice it. “What fool I am! ” thought Susie. When Margaret had closed the door on him she turned to her friend. “Well, what do you think of him? ” she asked, smiling. “You can’t expect me to form a definite opinion of a man I’ve seen only for so short a time. ” “Nonsense! Said Margaret. Susie hesitated for a moment. You know, before I’d seen him I hoped with all my heart that he would make you happy. I was afraid. I knew he was much older than you. He was the first man you’d ever met. But now, when I saw him, I hope with all my heart that you’d make him happy, it’s not you I’m frightened for now, but him. ” Margaret did not answer; she could not understand what Susie meant. “l don’t think you can realism how awfully he may suffer. Be very careful, Margaret, and be very good to him, for you can make him more unhappy than any human being can be. ” “Oh, but I want him to be pappy,” cried Margaret. “I’ll do all I can to make him happy. , Her eyes filled with tears and her voice broke. Susie, with a little laugh that was half hysterical, kissed her. “My dear, for Heaven’s sake, don’t cry. If he sees your eyes red, he’ll never forgive Chapter 3. The Chine Noir where Susie Boyd and Margaret usually dined was the most charming restaurant in the quarter. The room was full when Arthur Burden entered, but Margaret had kept him an empty seat between herself and Miss Boyd. Everyone was speaking at once, and a furious argument was going on about the post- Impressionists. Susie Boyd had Just described everyone to Arthur when the door was flung open, and a large person entered.

He threw off his cloak with a dramatic gesture. “Here’s somebody I don’t know,” said Susie. “But I do. I saw him once,” answered Burden. He leaned over to Dry. Prophet, who was sitting opposite quietly eating his dinner. “Isn’t it your magician? ” “Oliver Had,” said Dry. Prophet with amazement. The newcomer stood at the end of the room with all eyes upon him. He was a very tall and very fat man. He was not old, though his obesity added to his apparent age. His features were good, his mouth large with heavy bright red lips. He had the look of a very wicked, sensual priest. Dry. Prophet introduced him to Arthur, Susie and Margaret.

He raised his eyes to her slowly, and she looked away, blushing as though she had been caught doing something unseemly. The eyes were the most unusual thing about him. They were not large, but very pale blue and they looked at you in a way that made you feel extremely uncomfortable. Their gaze remained parallel, not converging. It gave the impression that he was looking straight through you. Another strange thing about him was the impossibility of telling whether he was serious. There was a mockery in that odd glance, a sardonic smile upon the mouth, which made you hesitate how to take his shocking words.

His presence caused an odd atmosphere. One by one all the visitors of the restaurant got up and left. Had stopped an American sculptor. “You have modeled lions at the Jarring des Planets, my “Then you don’t know how they really look. Then you have not seen the Jackal, gnawing at a dead antelope, run away in terror when the King of Beasts come down to make his meal. Clayton slammed the door behind him. Had was left with Margaret, Arthur Burden, Dry. Prophet and Susie. He smiled quietly. By the way, are you a lion-hunter? ” asked Susie. He turned to her. “l have shot more lions than any man alive.

No one can compare with me. ” This statement, made with the greatest calm, caused a moment of silence. Margaret stared at him with amazement. “You suffer from no false modesty. ” said Arthur. “False modesty is a sign of ill-breeding, from which my birth fully protects me. ” Dry. Prophet looked at him with a smile of irony. “l hope Mr.. Had will use this opportunity to disclose to us the mystery of his birth and family. I have a suspicion that, like the immortal Glaciologist, he was born of known but noble parents, and educated secretly in Eastern palaces. “My family has married into the most noble people in England and they were proud to give their daughters to my house. ” “And the Eastern palaces in which your youth was spent, and the black slaves who served you, and the bearded sheikhs who taught you the secrets of black magic? ” cried Dry. Prophet. “I was educated at Eaton and I left Oxford in 1896. ” “Those are facts which must be verified,” said Arthur coldly. Oliver’s face turned red with anger. His strange blue eyes grew cold with hatred. Susie feared that he would aka such an insulting reply that it would lead to quarrel. Well, if we really want to go to the fair we must set off,” she said quickly. They got up and went down the stairs and out into the street. Chapter 4. They walked down to the noisy, narrow street which led to the Boulevard Nontransparent. The fair to which they were going was held not more than a mile away, and Arthur took a cab. Susie noticed that Had, who was waiting for them to set off, put his hand on the horse’s neck. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the animal began to tremble. The trembling passed through its body and down its limbs ill it shook from head to foot.

The animal seemed to be suffering not so much from pain, as from an extraordinary fear. Hand away, Mr.. Had,” said Susie sharply. “Take your He smiled and did as she told him. At the same moment the trembling began to decrease, and in a moment the poor animal was in its normal state. “l wonder what the devil was the matter with it,” said Arthur. Oliver Had looked at him with his blue eyes that seemed to see right through people; and then, lifting his hat, walked away. Susie turned to Dry. Prophet. “Do you think he could have made the horse tremble? ” “Nonsense! ” said Arthur. It occurred to me that he was playing some trick,” said Dry.

Prophet, “An odd thing happened once when he came to see me. I have two Persian cats, which are usually very quiet and well-behaved. They spend their days in front of my fire, meditating on the problems of metaphysics. But as soon as he came in they Jumped, and their fur victims of uncontrollable terror. I opened the door and they rushed out. I have never been able to understand what happened. ” Margaret shuddered. “I’ve never met a man who filled me with such antipathy,” she said. “l don’t know what there is about him that excites in me a sort of horror. I hope I shall never see him again. And as for me,” answered Susie, “l would like to know more about him, because he interests me very much. Just think what a privilege it is to meet a man in the twentieth century who honestly believes in occultism. ” “Since I have been occupied with these matters, I have met strange people,” said Dry. Prophet quietly, “but I agree with Miss Boyd that Oliver Had is the most extraordinary. It is difficult to understand him. All I know is that he has traveled much and knows many languages. He has a wide knowledge of the literature of alchemy, and there is no kook I have heard of, dealing with the black arts, which he does not know.

My friend Arthur won’t agree with me, but I must confess that it would not surprise me to learn that he possesses powers by which he is able to do things that seem miraculous. ” Arthur did not answer as they arrived at the fair. It was in full swing. The noise was deafening. Popular tunes were heard and merry- go-rounds were turning everywhere. The English party with Dry. Prophet had Just entered when they saw Oliver Had. He was indifferent to the fact that they did not want his company. He attracted attention, for his appearance and his manners were centric, and Susie noticed that he was pleased to see people point him out to one another.

They walked on and suddenly came to a canvas tent on which was a picture of an Arab charming snakes, and some words in Arabic. “I’ll buy tickets for you all,” said Had. They went inside and found themselves in a dirty tent, ill-lit by two lamps; a dozen stools were placed in a circle on the ground. The snake-charmer addressed them in bad English. “My name Mohammed,” he said. “Me show snakes. Wait and see. Snakes very venomous. ” He was dressed in a long gabardine coat and its color could hardly be seen for dirt. On his head was the national turban. From a bag that lay at one side of the tent the Arab drew a long, wriggling serpent.

He placed it on the ground and waited a moment. Then he passed his hand over it; it became immediately stiff as a stick. Except that its eyes, the malignant eyes, were still open, there was no life in it. Then the Arab took a reedier and began to play a monotonous tune. The stiffness went away from the snake suddenly, it lifted its head and raised its long body till it stood almost on the tip of its tail. Then it began swaying slowly. Margaret drew back in terror. “You need not be frightened,” said Arthur. These people work only with animals whose fangs have been extracted. ” Had looked at him before answering. This man is a snake-charmer because he is immune against the fangs of the most venomous snakes. ” he said. “l don’t think so. ” said Arthur. “I’d like to have a proof that these serpents are venomous. ” Oliver turned to the charmer and spoke to him in Arabic. Then he answered Arthur ‘This man has a horned serpent which is the most dangerous of all Egyptian snakes. ” “What are you going to do? ” asked Susie. Oliver Had smiled and did not answer. He stepped forward to the centre of the tent and fell on his knees. He uttered some Arabic words, which Dry. Prophet translated to the others.

A shudder went through the bag, and in a moment a head appeared. It was a opened its mouth, immediately the reptile’s teeth went deep into his hand. Arthur watched him for signs of pain, but he did not notice any. Had repeated a sentence in Arabic and the serpent fell to the ground. The blood flowed from Hoodoo’s hand. Had spat upon the bleeding place three times, muttering words they could not hear. The bleeding stopped. He held out his hand for Arthur to look at. Burden was astonished, but he would not admit that there was anything strange in stopping the loud. “You haven’t yet shown that the snake was venomous. “l have not finished yet,” smiled Had. He spoke again to the Egyptian who rose to his feet and from a box took a white rabbit. Had put it in front of the horned snake. Before anyone could move, the snake came forward and struck the rabbit. The poor little animal gave a scream, a shudder went through it, and it fell dead. Margaret sprang up with a cry. “Oh, how cruel! How cruel! ” “Are you convinced now? ” asked Had turning to Arthur. “l am convinced that you are a charlatan,” said Arthur sharply. Had did not answer. A strange smile spread over his face, a smile that was even more terrifying than a grimace of rage.

Susie wanted to cry out but she could not utter a sound. The smile passed away, and the face became once more passive. The two women hurried to the doorway. They were frightened and disgusted. Oliver Had was left alone with the snake-charmer. Chapter 5. Susie could not get out of her mind the smile on Hoodoo’s face that followed the first passionate look of deadly hatred. Her fantasy suggested various dark means by which Oliver Had might take revenge on his enemy, and she tried to warn Arthur. But he only laughed. “What on earth do you suppose he can do? If he kills me he’ll be hanged, and he won’t be such a fool as to risk his head. Margaret was glad that after the incident Oliver had not appeared in their company. She began to discuss with Arthur the date of their wedding. She was filled with delight at the thought of the happiness she would give him. A day or two later Susie received a telegram, it ran as follows: Please meet me at the Care du Nor. 2:40. Nancy Clerk. It was an old friend of hers, who was apparently arriving in Paris that afternoon. She had not seen Nancy or such a long time that it surprised her to receive this urgent message. “l don’t want to go,” said Susie, “but I suppose I must meet her. Margaret had a class that afternoon and after it she went home alone. As she walked through the courtyard she started nervously, for Oliver Had passed slowly by. He did not seem to see her. Suddenly he stopped, put his hand to his heart and fell to the ground. Margaret had to go up to him. Her heart beat violently. She looked down at Oliver, and he seemed and took his hand. He opened his eyes. “For God’s sake, take me for one moment into the studio. ” he whispered. L shall die in the street. ” She could not refuse him. With the help of some people she raised him to his feet, and together they brought him to the studio.

He sank heavily into an armchair. “Shall I bring you some water? ” asked Margaret. “I’m very sorry to cause you this trouble,” he stammered. “l suffer from a disease of the heart, and sometimes I am very near death. ” “I’m glad that I was able to help you,” she said. He seemed to be able to breathe more easily. She left him to himself for a while, so that he could regain his strength. She took up a book and began to read. Presently, without moving from his chair, he spoke. If you knew how lonely I was and how unhappy, you would have a little mercy. ” His voice was strangely sincere. You think me a charlatan because I can do things that are unknown to you. You look upon me with disgust and scorn. You don’t give me a chance to explain everything to you. ” “It can make no difference to you how I look upon you,” she whispered. She did not know why his soft, low voice produced such a mysterious effect on her. Her pulse began to beat more quickly. “It makes all the difference in the world. It is horrible to think of your contempt. You turn your eyes away from me as though I were unclean. ” She turned her chair a little and looked at him. She was amazed at the change in his appearance.

His eyes had a new expression; they were so tender now, and they were full of tears. Margaret had never seen so much unhappiness on a man’s face, and she felt sorry for him. “l don’t want to be unkind to you,” she said. “But let us talk about something else. ” For a moment he kept silence. He was looking at a copy of “La Giaconda” which hung on the wall. Suddenly, he began to speak. He spoke of Leonardo ad Vinci, mixing his own fantasies with the words of different essays on art, which, so wonderful was his memory, he seemed to know by heart. His voice, low and musical, intoxicated Margaret with its beauty.

She was horribly fascinated by his imagination and responded to his words like a delicate instrument on which he could play any tune he wanted. At last he stopped. His eyes were fixed upon hers. She neither moved nor spoke. She seemed to be under a spell. “l want to do something for you in return for what you have done for me,” he said. He stood up and went to the piano. Margaret was not surprised that he played wonderfully. Yet it was almost incredible that those fat, large hands had such a tenderness of touch. He seemed to UT into the notes all his passion, and the instrument had the tremulous emotion of a human being.

It was strange and terrifying. Chapter 6. Oliver Had stopped playing. Neither of them moved. At last Margaret regained her self-control. “l begin to think you really are a magician,” she said softly. “I could show you strange things, if you wanted to see them,” he answered again, raising his eyes to hers. “l don’t think you will ever make me believe in occult philosophy,” she laughed. His voice grew very low, and it was so seductive that Margarita’s head reeled. “Believe me, that for this art nothing is impossible. It commands the elements of the earth and knows the language of the stars.

Heaven and Hell are in its province, and all forms, beautiful and ugly; love and hate, life and death are in the power of him who her, and she had not even the strength to wish to free herself. She seemed bound to him already by mysterious chains. “If you have powers, show them,” she whispered. (Had gave Margaret some magic powder to breathe in and took her to the wonderful and terrifying world of his fantasies. She took part in some festival of hideous lust, and the wickedness of the world was patent to her eyes. Then the spell as dispelled and she realized that she was sitting in the studio and that Had stood by her side.

Shame overcame her. She hid her face in her hands and burst into tears. ) “Go away,” she said. “For God’s sake, go. ” He looked at her for a moment and a strange smile came to his lips. “When you want me you will find me in the Rue De Upgraded, number 209” he said. “I’ll write it down for you. ” He wrote the address on a sheet of paper that he found on the table. She did not answer. She sobbed as though her heart would break. Suddenly, she realized that Had was gone. She had not heard him open the door or close it. She fell on her knees and prayed desperately, as though some terrible danger threatened her.

But when she heard Issue’s key in the door, Margaret sprang to her feet. She was afraid that Susie would see her agitation, but Susie was too much annoyed to notice it. “Nancy has not come,” she said irritably. “l can’t understand it. I waited till the train came in, but there was no sign of her, I walked about the station for half an hour. ” She went to the table, on which had been left the telegram and read it again. She gave a little cry of surprise. “How silly of me! I had not noticed the postmark. It was sent from Paris. I wonder if someone has played a silly practical Joke on me.

If I were a suspicious woman,” she smiled, “l should think you had sent it yourself to get me out of the way. ” The idea occurred to Margaret, that Oliver Had was the author of the note. He might have seen Nanny’s name on the photograph in Issue’s bag. She had no time to think as there was a knock at the door. Margaret, her nerves shattered, gave a cry of terror. She feared that Had had returned. But it was Arthur Burden. She greeted him with passion that was unusual for her, because by nature she was a woman of great self-possession. They began to speak of trivial things.

Margaret tried to take part in the conversation, but her voice sounded unnatural. Soon she could control herself no longer and burst into tears. “Oh, take care of me, Arthur. I’m so afraid that some awful thing will happen to me. Why can’t we be married at once? I can’t feel safe till I’m your wife. ” Arthur comforted her very gently. After all they were to be married in a few weeks. The day had been fixed by her. She listened silently to his words. He was right and she did not know how she could convince him. “If anything happens to me,” she answered, “you will be to blame. L promise you that nothing will happen. ” Chapter 7. Margaret slept badly, and next day she was unable to work as usual. She was sure And there he had taken advantage of her pity in order to use his hypnotic power. But no matter how she tried, she could not get the man out of her thoughts. Work could not distract her, and between her and all the actions of everyday life stood Oliver Had. Although she repeated to herself that she wanted never to see him again, Margaret could hardly resist an overwhelming desire to go to him. Her will had been taken from her, and she was an automaton.

He had given her that address because he knew she would use it. She did not know why she wanted to go to him; she had nothing to say to him; she knew only that it was necessary to go. Instead of going to the class, which was held at six in the evening, she hurried to the address that Oliver Had had given her. She walked along the crowded street stealthily, as though afraid that someone would see her, and her heart was beating violently. She ran up the stairs and knocked at the door. In a moment Oliver Had stood before her. He did not seem astonished that she was there. “I’ve been waiting for you. E said. “You knew I should come. ” “l knew. ” “What have I done to you that you make me so unhappy? I want you to leave me alone. ” “l shall not prevent you from going out if you want to go. The door is open. ” Her heart beat quickly and she remained silent. She knew that she did not want to go. There was something that drew her strangely to him, and she could not resist. He began to talk with that low voice of his that thrilled her with a curious magic. He told her of strange Eastern palaces, of the moonlight nights of the desert, of the sunsets with their splendor and of the crowded streets at noon.

The beauty of the East rose before her, and life itself seemed open to her, a life of freedom, a life of supernatural knowledge. She shuddered at the comparison between the dull life which awaited her as Urethra’s wife and this bright, full existence. But it was possible for her also to enjoy the wonders of the world. She felt a sudden desire for adventures. As though fire passed through her, she sprang to her feet and stood with flashing eyes bright with multi-colored pictures that his magic presented. Oliver Had stood too, and they faced one another. Then with a quick movement he took her in his arms and kissed her lips.

She looked at him. “l think I love you,” she said, hoarsely. “Now you must go,” he said. He opened the door, and, without another word, she went. Then Margaret felt every day that uncontrollable desire to go to him. There was always that violent hunger of the soul which called her to him, and the only happy hours she had were those spent in his company. She could not now imagine her life apart from his. Sometimes, suffering agonies of remorse, she would lie in bed at night and think with shame of the way she was using Arthur. But things had gone too far now, and she could not change them.

At last Had thought the time came for the final step. “It may interest you to know that I’m leaving Paris on Thursday,” he said one afternoon. She Jumped to her feet and stared at him in astonishment. “But what will become of me? ” “You will marry the excellent Mr.. Burden. ” “You know I cannot live without you. How can you be so cruel? ” “Then the only She sank helplessly into her chair. Because she had refused to think of the future, it had never occurred to her that the time must come when it would be necessary to leave Had or to Join her life with his for ever. It would be madness.

Margaret legalized that. Though a hateful passion bound her to this man, she loathed and feared him. She remembered Urethra’s great love and all that he had done for her. She hated herself. She sprang up. “Let me go from here! I wish I’d never seen you. I don’t know what you’ve done with me. ” He opened the door and stood at the threshold, with a smile on his face. His eyes were hard and cruel. “Go,” he said. She bent her head and ran before him. To get home she passed through the gardens of Luxembourg, but her legs failed her and she sank upon a bench. The bell of Saint Slice church was ringing for a service.

Margaret walked slowly to the church and sat down on a bench in a corner. She hoped that the music would rest her soul and she would be able to pray. The music was beautiful but it did not move her. For her the service had no meaning, and in those ceremonies she could find no comfort. She felt completely lost. “God has abandoned me,” she repeated. “God has abandoned me. ” Next day, her eyes red with tears, she dragged herself to Hoodoo’s door. When he opened it, she went in without a word. She sat down, and he watched her in silence. “l am willing to marry you whenever you like,” she said at last.

Had told her that they could be married early enough on the Thursday morning to catch a train for England. She left everything in his hands. “I’m desperately unhappy,” she said dully. .. Wednesday happened to be Urethra’s birthday, and he asked Margaret to dine with him alone. They had arranged to eat at a fashionable restaurant on the other side of the river, and soon after seven they met. Margaret had never been in better spirits. The champagne went quickly to her head, and she talked charming nonsense. Arthur was very proud and very happy. They talked of all the things they would do when they were married.

They talked of the places they must go to, of their home and of the beautiful things with which they would fill it. They returned at Margarita’s house and she held out her hand to him smiling. “Goodnight. ” “It’s dreadful to think that I must spend a dozen hours without seeing you. When may I come tomorrow? ” “Not in the morning, because I shall be too busy. Come at twelve. ” She remembered that her train started exactly at that hour. The door was opened, and with a little wave of the hand she disappeared. Chapter 8. Susie stared without comprehension at the note that announced Margarita’s marriage.

It was sent from the Garage du Nor and ran as follows: When you receive this I shall be on my way to London. I was married to Oliver Had this morning. I love him as I never loved Arthur. I have not told him anything because I had gone too far to make an explanation possible. Please tell him. Margaret. Susie did not know what to do nor what to think. There was a knock at the door, and she knew it must be Arthur. She decided quickly that it was impossible to break the news to him at once. Making up her mind, she opened the door. “… Oh, I’m so sorry. Margaret isn’t here,” she said. “A friend of hers is ill and sent for her suddenly. ”