Music analysis Hold your head up Mackerel Is a very unique and different artist. He Is also a local artist from Seattle and became famous from his songs and song writing skills. He is becoming more popular everyday mostly by social media. He is a rapper/ songwriter and expresses himself differently than other rappers especially in his song “Hold your head up”. This song has such a deep and powerful meaning to the listeners and lifts their spirits or moods from bad to good.

Even in the title it indicates a positive notion for he song. An overview of the song shows that he knows how life is and what people can go through on their daily lives. This specific song illustrates the hardships that happen In life but encourages to keep pushing forward for your goals and dreams. The mall themes shown In this song are your goals and dreams, the Journey, and hardships along the way in life. Your goals and dreams is an inspiration for yourself and the listeners of this song to push forward in life and what you want to get to and live by for the rest of your life.

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The lyric that explains your goals and dreams most Is actually the chorus which states “Hold your head, there’s a light in the sky, I know you’re fed up but you must try to survive. Each moments precious don’t let life pass you by. Keep focused keep your eyes on the prize”. After stating some hardships with his other lyrics this lyric shows up to see the brighter side. This lyric is basically never give up even when times are hard because at the end of your struggles you will reach your goals and dreams which is what you were focused on getting the whole time.

The Journey through life is shown throughout this song tremendously and clearly. Your whole life is a Journey to where you’ll end up even if It the end is something unexpected. The Journey In this song shows the journey of different people that enter and leave your life to making decisions but one lyric that stood out and showed deep meaning was “We have many paths in this Journey. They act different directions. So when you question don’t be worried it’s not a wrong one. Beauty can be found in all of them”.

This explains that any decision you make in life will always be different and can lead somewhere new but you will always pick the right one even if you doubt yourself in that decision. The hardships that you encounter in life are road blocks that can either stop you from moving forward or make you stronger and push you forward. A lyric that explains ones hardships Is “This Is your life, you can’t escape this pitch when It’s hard. Just know that It passes, but you’ll collect scars.

They never go away, but they will make you who you are. ” This verse states that even when you Just want everything to end and leave your life you can’t because it will pass and everything will get better but you will have some reminders of your struggles In your life but they make you the strong person you are today. Mackerel wants the Sistine of this song to know even when your struggles are so overwhelming you can’t give up but instead move forward and become stronger with your experiences.

In struggles and puts it in a positive perspective. Mackerel is shown to be a role model for young adults or teens and is a great inspiration to many upcoming artists in the Seattle WA area. The main themes shown in this song are your goals and dreams, the Journey, and hardships along the way in life. Each one of these themes help identify this song and relate to the listener because there are many similarities between this song and the real life of a normal person.