Don’t I’m very proud myself to have this chance. Generally, in my life, I’ve met many friends. Among than, Vive chosen to talk about one of my lovely friend who is J], lives quiet a far of my home. We’ve know each other most of our lives. We met in preschool when we were around four of five years old, and we’ve been friends ever since both had human chemistry. We like to do a lot of thin together . When we were little kids we played a lot of different kinds of games together.

He is walking as if a model and he as pretty habit is that, he tends to be hungry wherever he’s see his favorite foods. We had a plan if we get high school, we used to study together, however we don’t do that anymore because J doesn’t like Engineering like I am. He’s studying in Law. All the time, we’re both busy with our lessons, but we still get together often. It’s easy because we’re still living in the same city. In the weekend, we play soccer with other friends and we go to the cinema, sometime we talk about future, the things we hope o do after we finish our student life.

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J is an important friend because we’ve know each other most of our lives and grew up together and we know Just everything about each other. He admonish me as if he will my mother If I do any mistakes. And I know, I ever needed serious help money or any kinds of supports J] would help me and I also would help him if he needed It. So I wish we’ll be always be friends , all our lives, I hope so. Please, let me stop here. Thanks a lot to you…