He isn’t like all of the other (age) year old guys I know. He doesn’t go around being an immature idiot nor a pervert. Being a pervert and being flirty are totally different and he’s definitely all the way on the flirty side. You don’t find many people with a personality like his. He’s always happy and puts a smile on many other peoples faces. Puts other people before him and is as caring as can be. He’s always there for his fans, as we are for him. He as never been the type of person to Just go out and do drugs on the streets with strangers, and you seriously don’t see many people like that nowadays.

He is a grounded kid, and should never change for anything. Has literally brightened my world, and the light that’s shining on it will never burn out. (: What do you think of my essay? How can I fixity? I need the truth. Because I goat win these tickets. I would do *anything* for them. Thanks. 3 years ago Report Abuse Dilation Details Surprisingly, it isn’t. Best Answer – Chosen by Asker Well, you didn’t say anything about his music. You Just explained his personality. Write what you think about his artistic genius. I’m glad it’s not Briber, I really dislike her. People rated this as good Askers Rating:Askers Comment:Good idea. Thank you.. Not the right answer? Try Yahoo! Search Search Yahoo! Forswears O stars – mark this as Interesting! Email Comment (O) Save Other Answers (6) Latter; luck O = Justine Briber 3 people rated this as good AAUв?h. That’s really good (: I hope you win x 4 people rated this as good BECKY Names Nut Dogwood. I love Never Shout Never! Is it him? : D 2 people rated this as good Grandpa… I would take out the seriously in “and you seriously don’t see many people like that nowadays. ” I think it would sound better and take your word count down one.

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You also need an apostrophe after “peoples” in “He’s always happy and puts a smile on many other peoples faces. ” People won’t laugh at you (or maybe that is Just me, because I probably wouldn’t even know who he was). 3 years ago 1 person rated this as good hay its Justine briber isn’t it anyway I think you should take out the part about Being a pervert and being flirty that’s 19 words taken out and if you take out the “well” before if you really expect me and then take out the and before that’s the main reason and take out the other in many other peoples faces that will make it fit good luck 🙂 {[elateв?…

It’s a really good essay and all, I mean it’s really descriptive and all but not for this purpose. You describe his “personality” like it’s someone you’re in love with and known for years, when nobody really knows what their favorite singers personality is eke. Your essay sounds like a love letter, the people Judging the essays will probably think you’re kind nuts. Maybe you should change it up and try not to describe his like.