The Lord of The Flies : Returning Home. Our story begins with a group of kids, left on an Island in the middle of the Atlantic, with no adults, no guidance, Just them and the Island. A couple months go by and they have lost all senses of humanity. Friendships are broken, they were truly lost. A Ana Commander sees that this island is on fire and goes to see if he can help. What he sees is nothing like what he has seen before. The boys get on a life boat with the commander. They are dirty, smelly, and Just look horrible.

The commander says, “What the hell happen here sons? ” As he looks with discomfort. “They have turned Into monsters! ” says Ralph. “He’s Wing! ” Says Jack. As all the other boys just break down Into tears Jack can’t but help and look at Ralph with a revengeful smile. “Well my name is Jim” says The commander. “What are your names boys? ” Says Jim. “My name is Ralph and he’s Jack, This is Sam and Eric, and this is Roger”. Says Ralph. “Nice to meet you boys. ” Says Jim. “You to” the boys mumble beneath their breathe. The ride to the navy base was a long one.

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Just memories of what had happen on that dreadful Island haunted everyone’s memories except for one person, Jack. When they got to the Navy ship, The Captain had a list of all the boys that were on that plane. “When I call you name please step forward. ” Says the Captain. Everyone step forward until the list came to Arthur. “Where’s Arthur”? Says the Captain. Everyone looks baffled as to who is Arthur. “He also goes by the nickname Piggy? ” Ralph breaks into tears. “He fell Off cliff on the island” Says Jack. “Well that’s a tragedy” Says the Captain.

As the list continues the Captain says the name Simon? ” Everyone is Silent. Jack looks at the Captain and says with a smile “He died on the plane when It went down. ” Everyone is looking at Jack and sees the Evil In his eyes. “Well that’s everyone. ” Says the Captain. After the Captain had finished with the boys, he told them to take a shower and come down to the mess hale for a nice dinner. It was the boys first shower in over 2 months. Ralph had gotten out of the shower just as Roger, Sam and Eric had entered it. On his way to get changed he heard the dreadful chant.

Kill the pig, Cut his throat, Spill his blood. ” He peeks around the corner and sees Jack chanting It to himself while he combs his hair In the mirror. Ralph Just unnoticed goes right behind Jack and goes to his room. He fears that Jack Is going to try to kill him on this ship. His body just shears with fear as the thought of Jack tying him up and putting his head on a stick. At dinner things were quite, Just the sounds of throats swallowing food. They acted as if this was there first time eating actual food. Everyone was eating but Ralph.

He Just didn’t have an appetite knowing that Jack was still acting Like he was still on the Island. “Are you k Ralph? ‘ says Eric. “Yeah, I’m fine” said Ralph. “l sure do wish Piggy was here so he could chow down Like a pig” said Jack. “Shut up Jack! ” said Ralph. Jack takes his knife and says “Ralph, you want to end up like piggy? ” Ralph nodes his head. “Then I suggest that you shut up. ” That night after dinner Ralph was getting ready for bed. Sam came into his room. “Hey Ralph, I need to talk toy. ” “What’s up? ” said Ralph. “l think Jack is going crazy. Aid Sam. “l do to, but there’s nothing we can do about It. ” Jack listens at the door crack of Rally’s room. “We need to get him off this ship. ” says Ralph. “Why would you want to do such Jacks eyes and Just feels the Evil coming from Jacks being. “Ralph, I’m Just going to be real with you. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to have your head on a stick if it’s the last thing that I do. ” Jack said in a calm voice. “That’s not right Jack! Were not on the island anymore! You can’t kill whoever you want! ” screamed Ralph. “Can’t l? Sam! Go get my Knife. ” said Jack. Sees sir! ” said Sam. As Sam runs in the room “Here you go Jack” thanks Sam. Jack looks at Ralph with a vigorous smile Mimi know that this was going to happen Ralph. You know it was only a matter of time. ” “But why Jack? Why would you want to kill me? ” “Eve always have been watching you Ralph, Even before the crash at the school, you were so popular and I hated it. ” Jack hold up his knife and says” But now we won’t have to worry about that anymore” uniform mad Jack! You Wont get away with this! ” says Ralph as he looks scared by the look in Jacks face.

Jack runs t Ralph and holding his field Knife. As he runs Ralph ducks and Sam Jumps in front of Ralph. Jack stabs Sam instead of Ralph. “Look what you made me do Ralph! ” says Jack. “l didn’t do anything Jack! That was you! ” says Ralph. “Know I do have a reason to kill you! You will die a slow painful death Ralph”. Ralph looks at Jack and runs to the door. He manages to get to the top of the ship where he is all alone in the darkness. “Where are you Ralph? ” As Jack says quietly lurking in the shadows stalking Ralph. “What’s going on out here!? ” Says the Commander.

Just a hide and go seek game. ” says Jack. “Well keep it down! ” Said the Commander. Ralph runs and tackles Jack and hits him in the face. “Stop this Jack! STOP! ” Says Ralph as he continuously hit Jack in the face. Ralph takes Jacks knife and stabs Jack in the chest with it. “Thank you Ralph, now you will wrought in a cell by yourself. ” The commander comes out and sees what happened. “What did you do? ” as he looks with unbelief. “l killed him before he killed me” says Ralph. “Son, your under arrest. ” Says the commander as he looks at Ralph onto of Jacks stiff, bloody body.