Have you ever thought about what happens to trash after you throw it away? Do you think It just vanishes or disappears? If you think it Just disappears then you are very wrong. Who knows, we might even be wading through piles of trash to get out of our houses In the near future. Trash Is something that you can’t simply Ignore or be careless about. Everything that you throw away eventually comes right back at you.

This litter problem is really concerning me, and I believe If I persuade you, you may gust agree with me and stop this problem. Littering Is a problem all across the earth and It Is only getting worse as people continue to buy and use products that don’t easily decompose. Not all litter Is created equal, with some of It being unable to decompose. I feel that a greener New Zealand can start with one small step; pick up our rubbish, and start recycling. Litter Is also dangerous to the plants and animals.

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For example, young turtles swim into linked bottle wrapping while they are small, and hen suffocate when they grow larger because the wrapping gets too tight around their necks! Even a simple chip packet being thrown in to the sea may kill an innocent animal. Over a billion years ago, some say the earth was just a swirling space dust, others swear to their myth and legend, while the more scientific amongst us, others believe in a combination of science and religion. The earth was most peaceful, no technology, no machinery, sky scrapers, hazardous gases etc.

Then man was made ND litter was invented. Do you want a healthy country for your community? I know I do! So if we work to stop this problem maybe it will soon resolve. Now that you know what It does and where it comes from, what about cleaning it up? If you make it, then you should do something about it. So you see, trash is the gift that just keeps giving. Unless you want plastic with your next serving of fish, you better think twice about tossing that plastic bag onto the ground. You are what you eat, after all. Yours sincerely,