As the music filled my ears with Joy I could feel nothing more than the ecstasy I was In. It was as if nothing else in the world mattered. The world could end and I wouldn’t care. I could feel the beauty of the sound of Christian music In my heart It Inspired me In such a way that no one else could understand ever the way I feel. I was beautiful, the world was beautiful, probably as beautiful as the way I feel. Then the world got quite, I got quite. This was the first time I can say I truly heard music. My name is Sally, like an ash tree meadow. I was the girl who was walking the rang path.

I was separated from my family when I was five and came here to the United States. My mom had gotten married, while I watched my step dad beat her and prostitute her, years passes by. John his son, a tall, monster like who took my pride and that little girl I was. Having to live in a shelter for months, I was depressed, lost, confused and took the hands of the wrong people to “help” me. Deep down I had faith when I heard the word of God through music. The first moment I put on my headphones and pressed play on my Pod. The song playing was “One thing remains y Kristin Standstill each word became Imprinted Into my memory.

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I knew what was missing from my hollow life. It felt Like It was a whole new world and I finally opened my eyes and Just stepped Into this world that as perfect and everything else around me lost its importance while I got lost in its trance. It was a feeling that just took everything that was wrong, messed up, confusing, and painful inside of me and transformed it into something that I knew for the first time was right. The pain was still there but I found a way adjust keep these dreadful questions that brought me so much pain every time I heard “Are you K? ND “Do you want talk? ” I knew that there was something wrong but to everyone else I Just seemed like another quiet kid who Just didn’t have friends and maybe I was, I honestly don’t even know. I felt as long as I had music to keep myself from the self- destruct button, that I would find some form of happiness no matter how little It was. Music to me wasn’t Just a form of relief, It was a way for me to express something anything maybe not to other people but to myself so that I knew I had some type of feeling and that I was even normal.

It is my life raft. I stuck to Christian music as if it was the key for me to make it in this world and it worked. It kept me dry till one day a hurricane came and almost drowned me and in this violent storm and I lost my way. I stopped following the music and I guess somewhere along the line I took the my “ways” back and fell into this horrible hellhole and went too far down. One day I woke up and asked myself “who am l”? I knew that I had to have hope and follow the word of God and motivate me and change my life and guide me.

Here in this world I realized that Christian music was going to be able to be my life aft I looked around and found that this mulls was my motivation, my strength, and would tell me not to give up. I was grateful that I did, I flipped over my lifeboat and Just continued to stroll along. As the days, weeks, months, and years went on that I talked and gained new friends, I found that my life was becoming less and less needed as people were finally starting to accept me for me. The darkness and pain but now I know that I have more than Just my music and lifeboat because when another storm comes, I have others who can help me survive.