The Family’, he discusses how metaphors have shaped our moral and political views. He compares the “The Strict Father Model” to “The Nation-as-a-Family’ and explains the role they have in shaping our nation’s political views. This comparison encouraged me to analyze other metaphors that seem similar, but are In fact viewed very differently.

For this example, we will compare “Life Is a Journey’ errors “Life Is a Game” -? both refer to life, but are very different. Are we In control or is there a set design for our lives? Although these two metaphors are different, they do have quite a few similarities and will like to explore all sides of them. Life is a Journey – Life Itself has many twists and turns and perhaps there are no right or wrong turns. We’ve heard many metaphors used to describe one’s Journey through life, such as, “l feel lost”, “I’m finally on the right path”, and “I’m at a crossroad In my life”.

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Life Itself has many metaphors. All of which are great, but I feel that “Journey’ Is the most common and popular. The definition of journey is “an act to travel from one place to another; a trip. ” (precautionary. Com) So, if life is a journey, are we in control of getting to our destination? There are several books that discuss the power of change and claim that it starts with us, and that our thoughts are the problem and simultaneously the solution. The first example used is the book “The Secret” by Rwanda Byrne.

In this piece of literature she places emphasis on the power of positive thought. She states: “you too can have It all. If you shift your way of thinking in a positive direction, you can achieve all things – big or small, it’s up to you. She explains that we have been in the driver’s seat the whole time, and that our reality is shaped by what we think, feel and say. If there is an area one is not content with, he or she has the will to change it. You are, after all, the driver of your vehicle and responsible for your own destiny.

Many times people have felt hopeless, lost, sad, angry and lonely. These are all common feelings, but there Is comfort In knowing that we have the power to change these negative emotions. It Is a powerful feeling to know that you can obtain anything you desire in life. Thinking positive isn’t always ass, but it is important to realize that change starts with you. There is no pre- determined road map for life and we may get lost a few times along the way, but there can be such valuable lessons learned through taking these wrong turns in life; it’s how you choose to look at It.

Take my life for example – I took a class at National university over ten years ago. Unfortunately, I lacked direction and decided to withdraw from the class, leaving me with a failing grade. I felt at the time it was not the right path for me and that I wouldn’t regret my decision. I was unaware of the percussions I would face later in life when attempting to return to school, and how that one class would affect my acceptance back into the university. Thankfully it worked out, but I had to overcome a few obstacles. The decisions we make in our life can, and will, follow us throughout life.

Sometimes the best lessons are the ones you Motor Company was a success or that Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to start a failing business called Tara-O-Data? These two and many like them failed numerous times in life, but persevered and did not let those failures define them or keep them room being successful. Failure is a part of life and should be viewed as a pit stop along life’s Journey. In order to know where you want to go, you must know where you’ve been. Taking a wrong turn in life can often take us to the right place. The Joy lies truly in the Journey, not the ultimate destination.

Life is a Game – “Life is a Game” has some of the same concepts as “Life is a Journey’, but can be viewed very differently. Viewing life as a game can impact the way we think about our lives. You may feel that life is a game and that you are always competing; or that the decisions ere already made for you before you were born, and you’re simply playing the cards you were dealt. Either way, thinking about life as a game can be very powerful and living life as though the “book is already written” has its own positive effects. It depends on how we choose to view it.

I’d like to discuss a few examples, evaluating different aspects of “life as a game. ” The first example will use a sports team and the way the key player on the team views life as a game. This person may go through life making sure they are the one who makes all the plays and scores the most points. This type of person views life as a competition. I’m sure we have come in contact with someone like this at one time or another in our life – someone who always has to be right, makes all the decisions and is incapable of compromise. This may not necessarily be a bad thing.

This person is usually a “doer”. They make things happen and are capable of making fast decisions that usually workout perfectly. However, it can make it a bit difficult for those around them at times. It’s important to allow others to shine every now and again, even if only periodic. However, there are others that go through life with the “only playing the cards they are dealt” attitude, feeling s if their destiny is predetermined. Of course there are certain aspects of life which we have no control over such as, race, gender, eye color, height, what country you were born in, or who your parents are.

These are things we all must accept about ourselves. However, some take it to an extreme by using them as an excuse to explain the lack of opportunities coming their way, or by attempting to use them to Justify not having what others have. It’s easier to say you don’t have a choice, than to put in the hard work and do something to change it. Once again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some people who were born more fortunate and should embrace and love every minute of it. So long as you are satisfied with your reality, you shouldn’t try to change it.

It is shameful for one to do nothing when unhappy, and simply blame everything on a predetermined fate. Life is too short to be unhappy. On the contrary, some people are born into a culture or religion that tells them their place in life was predetermined. For example, the Hindus believe that a person’s caste in life is based on social order, rather than personality or of personal doing, and based on skills given to you before birth. The skills and caste you are given are solely based on the karma one put out in their previous life.

This is preordained and you must play the cards you were dealt and perhaps hope for a better hand the next go around (consider attempt instead of go around). For some people this is the only way of life they are accustomed to, and couldn’t fathom feeling like they are in control away from those beliefs could be very difficult. I do believe this to be the true definition of “playing the cards you are dealt. ” There are many metaphors for life and they do collide at times. We are all born with a certain hand of cards to play – some utter than others, but we do have control of our lives.

It’s important to embrace both ways of thinking, finding the balance between feeling in control and still holding on to the gifts and beliefs you were born with. These metaphors have a powerful affect on our lives. They shape the way we make decisions everyday; from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the people we interact with and the Jobs we have. Some feel as though they have a choice about each and every decision they make and that they are the creators of their destiny, while others may feel as though they have no control over the life they live.

Whether it is religious beliefs or Just personal, they live feeling as though this is the way life is supposed to be. There is no right or wrong way of thinking, and that’s the beauty of the world we live in. Whether these are your beliefs or the beliefs that you were raised to conform to, they are yours and do in fact shape your reality. So the next time you’re making a decision, ask yourself how it will affect your future? Is it a choice you’ve made for yourself or is it a decision made for you? Knowing the answer to these questions will give you an insight into which metaphor is closer to your own beliefs.