Life before Birth Hello, my name is Christine Coleman. I Just recently like 8 weeks ago had the most precious little baby girl ever! She is in the picture at the top of my page. I watched the video life before birth and let me Just say before I watched that video I never for one minute thought about what actually takes place inside a female. I mean I knew like the basics I guess you could say, but the way that they described the sperm and the Journey that they have to go thru to even fertilize an egg is really amazing to me.

I was a little grossed out by the sperm cemetery. It’s amazing how 99% of the sperm are killed instantly and only about 3000 of them make it thru Just the vagina. Then only certain sperm with a chemical coating make It thru the fallopian tubes. Once they make it thru they can finally rest and wait. The releasing egg sends chemical signals luring the sperm towards it. Once the sperm enters the egg it Instantly sparks electricity through its surface, this shock wave changes the egg membrane irreversibly and locks out the remaining sperm.

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In Just 24 hours one sperm out of a rolling has overcome the obstacles of finally being able to fertilize an egg. I also thought that when they did the music with headphones and the baby’s reaction to the hip hop and then the reaction with the classical music was really neat to watch their heart beat raise and then drop back down. When I was pregnant I always wondered If she could hear all the things that they say they can hear. The video showed me exactly that they can hear and their reaction to It. I thought this video was very Interesting and I learned quite a bit of Information that I really had no clue about.