My Is Juan Pablo and I wanted to talk to you about your book. Really Impressive your way to SE the love that you have to the book show they are perfectly assembles to you. How their world is everything for you. How humans would be complete different with out them, no a utopia how it is shown in the book Here in the school I had the pleasure to play one time but since that day realized that I’m the worst player ever so my dream had been broken but now I only laugh to the idea because and Ecuadorian guy could never be a famous baseball player.

Now in these days I was trying hard to get good grades and to finish better the year because now I think that this is the most important. In the begging of the year I was a really lazy student so in couldn’t make It to don’t stay to summer school but now in summer school I’m going to put all my effort on. In this 2 paragraphs I could explain to you not even a small part of my life but I could tell to you that I’m trying really hard to my future get better than the past that I had. The story Annihilates he seeing the football field alone and wondering the rang things that he have done so far.

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Suddenly he can back he start a fight with his roommates because he was mad of being kick out of the school. What he only gathers was a bloody nose and went out of the school of the city, since that we start seeing how he is as a person. Seeing it as the way as you wanted it this is perfectly rebind seen I been that world that I had ever try to get in this s Monet o f truth for all of us in the way of seeing it Since the beginning of the story we could see that holder is a offer guy, that he isn’t dating the girl he wants.

That he is a bad student, that he smokes and he drinks, that he have many problems at school so he decided to go back to new York city. There we seem that he don’t know what much to do so he went to see his sister phoebe, their he imagines the kids going from the rye their I Imagine that even all the problems that he created all the anger that he have In his heart we can see that he stays Innocent that what he never become Is a phony go that Is what he wants and it remains.