I will have to be the first to admit, I don’t understand what the whole war is all about. I Just know that you are there and not here with your families and living your everyday lives. I think that is really rotten and I wish it didn’t have to be that way. I’m writing this letter because I want to thank you for your sacrifice, fighting for your country and for me. I know you don’t know me but that’s how it feels, you are fighting for me, because I can’t be there with or instead of you.

I do actually understand some f the sacrifice that you are making for all of us here in the U. S. My dad is in Afghanistan and stationed for one year. I don’t see much of him so I know how hard it may be for you not seeing your family. In some ways, it has even helped us to appreciate each other more. I can’t deny that sometimes it’s not hard, growing up without a dad for such long periods of time but I think I turned out okay. Plus I’m very fortunate that my dad will come home. My heart breaks for those fallen soldiers who will never be able to come home to their grieving families.

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Now that I am an adult ND I can understand a little better what was going on, I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of my father and the service he gives for our country. Maybe Its click but I really am VERY proud to be an American! I am sorry that you are so far from home right now, what with It having Just been the holidays and a New Year beginning but really, I am sorry that you have to be so far away from home at all, no matter what time of year It Is. That’s really all I can think of to say except I hope you all come home safe and sound and that this war will end soon.