There is a lot to say of how much I appreciate you. You’ve done so much for me. Every step of the way, you have supported me. From kindergarten to even today you have never given up on me. I know before I’ve never listened to much of what you had to say or any of the advice you’ve given me. Whenever you made some of the choices that you thought were right for me, but I didn’t agree with you. I now see what you were trying to do for me.

I’d always looked up to you and wanted to be so much like you. A business man and a soccer player was all I’ve ever wanted to be Just to be like you. I remember the day I decided to be a soccer player Just like you and you made me run laps around the yard. Then you put me in says and became my coach. Now I play soccer with you every week and I enjoy it every time. You would tell me what was right and wrong in all of my decisions.

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I’ve tried making decisions on my own, hinging that I didn’t need help but you were still there for me waiting to guide me into the right direction. You are my mentor, my inspiration, and most importantly my father. I can remember you telling me that I didn’t know what I had to appreciate everything that is in my life. Now that I’m older, I realized what I do have and how much I should be grateful for it. I’m blessed with everything I have and what’s available for me to build my own future because some people don’t have it as easy as e.

It’s all because of you, dad, with all that you have done. From a warehouse worker to one of the most successful salesman in the independent business industry. You’ve never stopped working so you could give me the best life has to offer and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m going to be graduating and head out in the real world. There is a lot out there but I know I will work hard and never give up my dreams to become successful. To be Just like you. I love you Dad.