My eyelids opened too a blurry yet familiar figure over me. I strained my eyes trying to focus In on the thing controlling to elude my vision, and finally my eyes start to focus in as I wake up. Kind of like a camera on its subject. All the colors and familiarities of the room started to get through, and my senses finally started to come alive as I moved and took in the feel of my environment. As that happened, the blurry figure from before reveals itself. It transforms into my father as he starts to finish cooking what smelled like sausage and eggs.

I moved around underneath my covers trenching and getting a feel for my sense of touch as I slowly got up and laid my bare feet on the soft carpet. I got up finally and walked over to where my dad Is standing. After noticing the sun has barely come up, the shadows being cast off everything in the room start to make for a peaceful morning. Especially when infused with the smell of a hot breakfast on the stove. The time of day when the birds are quieter and make a soothing rhythmic composition of morning tones. Finally, I make it over to my dad and take a look at our soon-to-be feast.

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I stand for a moment and try to say meeting as I put words together In my rued state, and finally the words come out. “That smells amazing. ” I say. Trying to express just how good it smelled. “It should. You’re lucky I got up early enough to make us breakfast. ” he says. I laugh and walk back over to the couch I 2 slept on. Right beside it is my bag with all my things. I prepare my clothes and walk back to the counter where my dad has sat breakfast on a plate for me to take. I take it and quickly scarf it down not wanting to waste any time.

After all, I’m about go on a trip. One Vive been longing for all year. After eating breakfast and getting ready, we pack our things and head out the door. Where too? Where else for a father and son trip? To the lake for a fishing trip of course. One of the most cliche yet beneficial trips. Meanwhile, my dad and I listen to music quietly while riding the highway. The sun is still slowly coming up. I slowly drifted off Into sleep from the soothing hum of the highway, and when woke up, we had arrived. Well In a town near the lake anyway, but I loved the scenery.

There were beautiful old houses that had been overgrown, old rusty cars and parts everywhere, ND the trees seemed to be perfectly positioned so that they made of spectacular funnel over the road with little rays of sunshine managing to breach through the leaves. Then, as I looked at my dad, I could tell we both knew that mutual feeling of peace in that moment. Now after the long drive, we finally pull up to the lake. I get out, and I’m Immediately hit by a warm and refreshing breeze. My dad and I then start to walk towards the docks. I notice the sound of the waves halting the shore and the docks, but it was the only sound to hear.

It was so quiet and serene. Like a dream. “How many fish do you think we’ll catch” says my dad. Enough for the both of us to fill up at diner. ” I say. He chuckled a little and by then we had reached the docks. We walked out to the end where you could see the sunrise over the water. I know we both love that. We stand for a brief moment admiring the scenery and then turn back to head back to the car. Having yet another conversation about how many fish we 3 We make it back to the car and pull over to the boat ramp where we quickly get the boat into the water, pull over the car, and get back in the boat.

The boat slowly makes its way out of the no wake zone and we’re off. The engine of the boat starts to oar, the front end rears back as the water starts to spray after hitting wave after wave. We ride for some time. In the meantime, my dad and I have a conversation about old cars, car shows, and basically Just random things until we see a place inside a cove that looks like it’s teeming with life. It looks like a marsh with tall blades of grass protruding from the water as birds walk around trying to find a small fish or even a minnow. So we set course too this place and drop anchor as close to shore as possible.

Feeling excited and optimistic, we threw our lines in and waited. We sat for awhile. Not talking or really doing anything for the expectation of a fish too quickly latch on and find its way aboard, but nothing happened. We start talking after some times has passed. We still believed there was nothing to worry about. This was an amazing place to fish, and we both knew it. We tried different bait after a while, and even different techniques like casting. Still nothing. The hours pass as my dad and I talk. We talk about school, places we wanted to go, things we wanted too do, and how the fish Just wouldn’t bite.

Finally, my dad asks me, “Do you want go back? We can come back another day. I sat in silence looking at him and off too our lines. My hope was dwindling, but I knew if I didn’t persevere, that I would regret it. So I used that as motivation. “If you don’t do it, you’ll regret it. ” I keep saying to myself. So I look over to my dad and simply say, “No, not quite yet. ” Then I take out my spare rod and start casting as far out as I could in every direction. I wasn’t going to give up. My dad sat back and watched while laying in the shade as I slaved away at the line until all off 4 sudden I hear it, “criticizing” as the line goes out.

The next thing I know, the rod is in he water. I didn’t think, and I didn’t hesitate in my next action. I Jumped in after the rod. It was half submerged and being strung along by a fish. So I dove, and somehow the rod was right below me and still. The fish must have turned and left slack in the line. This was my chance. I made a lunge towards the rod as quickly as I could being underwater. I felt the cork end finally come into grasp. I put all the grip strength I have onto the pole and yank as hard as I can. I instantly feel the fish still on the end and go back to the surface while still trying to hold onto the rod.

I come up too my ad who is furious, but sees that I’m still fighting with a fish. So he grabs me and pulls me up onto the back of the boat. Then I start reeling as fast as I could whenever the fish would allow me until finally I see hope. At the edge of the boat I see fins and a big catfish Just waiting to be taken. I couldn’t think of anything to do except scream. Screaming miss! ” and “Did you see that? ” I chanted for a minute or two as my dad laughs and grabs the fish. Muff wanted a fish didn’t hay? ” my dad says. “At least I didn’t give up. ” I say. After that, we decided to head out. Nothing could top that experience.

So we took a couple pictures with the fish, released it, and went home satisfied with what we had accomplished. Then my dad said something to me that seems too stick. “Well at least you’re not a quitter. ” he says in a Joking manner, but that will stick with finish things. This event didn’t really fix me either, but it helped me out a lot. It helped me notice how determination can get you anywhere and that you won’t get far without it. After this, I thought about it more and more and it gradually led to me actually becoming a confident and more determined person for the most part. Who 5 knew what Just a little fishing trip could do to you?