Learning lessons the hard way my mom has always told me to that and education is very important thing to have and don’t take it for granted. Sometimes it takes something to go wrong and not In your favor for you to appreciate it. When I first started college as a nursing major I was so excited. Turned in all my work on time and made good grades. I studied all the time and put my school work first. When It came to the second semester of my freshmen year that’s when started slacking. Missing class and forgetting about homework assignments.

I became more Interested In partying than eventually missing so many days out of my class I recycled a F. And one class after another. Then their was academic probation and after that It was a college dropout. My family was very disappointed. So started working at burger king making runlet wage. I absolutely hated this Job. It was not what I wanted to do but had to do something If wasn’t In school. While working at burger king I came to realize that I had made a big mistake on slacking off In school. Since I was on academic suspension I had to sit out f school a whole year. His full year of sitting out put me so far behind and my goals I had set for myself in the beginning were off track. When the year of my suspension was up I re applied for school. I was accepted but this time I could not receive financial aid. I was so upset. I couldn’t afford to pay for school on my own.. I felt like lust giving up on school. After not being able to attend school it made me realize how important it was, and how one mistake can follow you a long way. Two more semesters went by, still working at the same Job that I hated.

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I decided to reapply for school. Finally admitted and able to receive financial aid. When I received my acceptance letter from Ole Miss I was so surprised and excited. I have learned from this experience. I advice anyone that if you are in school do your best. Turn in all your work and study as much as you can. Partying can wait. You might not always get allowed a second chance like I was. Im truly thankful that I got a second chance at an education and to become a nurse. You never know how important an education is until you u can’t get one.