It’s just that I love the boys so much to the point where it actually hurts to listen to their songs and see their gifts or vines and videos and everything and I feel so bucked up because I let myself to be consumed with a boy band that doesn’t even acknowledge my existence and there’s this part of me who believes that one day will be able to meet them and it’s Just so bucked up, everything is.

I feel so bucking overprotective of them that when I see people talking chits about them I would flip. I’d defend them and I hate seeing the boys with other girls I mean I’m k with Lam and Louis’ girls though but I really hate Zany and Peppier I don’t even know why and I despise It when Harry goes out with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jennet and basically everyone because well if you didn’t know I’m In love with him and nobody good enough for him.

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I’m Just so bucked up, you know, I’m 19 and I feel Like I should be more mature rather than getting sucked Into the whole Direction fantod but Vive been with the boys since What Makes You Beautiful and I watched all of their video Aries and I know all of their fetus Inside Jokes and I waited for all of their new music videos and it’s hard k because the boys have grown up and I’m in tears right now.

It hurts so bad. I want to let go but I can’t. I know it sounds so stupid of me to be crying because of a boy band but you don’t know how I feel k you don’t know the attachment I feel for them and good god I listen to all of their songs I have all of their songs and it’s crazy it’s crazy it’s crazy! And now I’m crying. Because I love the boys so much.