“Languages of Love” Love Is something that you give away and it comes right back to you. Good evening everyone! Old or young, rich or poor, we all have a God-given yearning to love and be loved. However, due to the fallen world we live In, a lot of people nowadays would have a hard time at expressing their love to others. As a result, poor relationships are developed. But thankfully, all Is not lost! Have you heard of the “Five Languages of Love”? They are the means through which we can express or receive love.

A proper understanding of these will greatly enhance our relationships. Today, allow me to share the top three love languages In my life. These are Glut-Glenn, Words of affirmation and Quality time. The first love language I learned, Gift-giving, was Introduced by my parents while I was growing up. This, however, does not merely focus on the material value of the gift, but rather, on its sentimental value to the giver. As much as I enjoy the tangible language of love, I also desire the intangible ones: Words of affirmation and Quality mime.

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Some people may say that actions speak louder than words. But I for one believe that words do matter too. That is the reason why Words of affirmation speaks to my heart as well. As I was brought up in a positive linguistic environment, it’s easy for me to speak kind and encouraging words to others. Lastly, my most cherished of all the love languages is Quality time. This involves giving each other an undivided attention while performing any activity, or by simply eying at each other’s side.

What I love most about it is that, it provides a vessel for the memories of love in the years to come. To sum it up, understanding what kind of love language one speaks, is the key to developing meaningful relationships. Be it with your family, friends, or special someone. Take note that aside from these three, the other two are Acts of service and Physical touch. Now that I know what my primary love languages are, don’t you think It’s about time you discovered yours?