Exuberant-effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic Emanate-to flow out. Issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth Dire-causing or involving great fear or suffering Florid-obsolete Retribution-requital according to merits or deserts Aesthetic-pertaining to a sense of the beautiful 2) The lesson of the story to me is the consequences of your actions. Poor prisoners of the king are forced to choose one of two doors which hold behind them either life or death.

And then the princess of course has the difficult choice to make whether he should tell her lover the truth about who Is behind which door or not. 3) Examples of irony is when the narrator says that “the minds of the king’s subjects are refined* and cultured*” by witnessing the events in the arena. This statement is Ironic because a person being slaughtered Is neither refining nor cultural. We are also told that the princess finds out that the lady chosen to be behind the door Just happens to be a woman the princess was already jealous of.

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She has to choose whether or not to give her lover to a woman she hates, or to a tiger that will kill the accused person was instantly punished, and there was no escape from the judgments of the king’s arena-.NET of Innocence or guilt up to chance Is very Ironic. 4) The author is basically saturating the worth of human life. One example is the king judgment system to see if the accused is innocent or not. Or how the princess is thinking of which would be better for her to either let her lover be with the lady she’s jealous of or to let the tiger slaughter her lover. ) Yes the author gives us clues as Into what Is behind the door. One clue Is that the princess knows the lady behind the or but we find out that the princess is not a fan of her. So this leads me to believe that she rather see her lover dead than with the lady behind the door. 6) I think the tiger Is behind the door because the princess wouldn’t want to see her lover with another women. I think that she rather see him In the afterlife where they can be happy and together. 7) I feel that the author leaves the ending to the reader as a thought producer for us to assume what we think would happen due to our personality.

The story would be deferent it ended with one of the choices because we loud get a different lesson or theme about the story. Also the fact that we get the full story would mean we aren’t asked to interpret the story ends. 8) He turned and with a firm and rapid step he walked across the empty space. Every heart stopped beating, every breath was held, and every eye was fixed immovably on that man. Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right and opened It. The door revealed a crack of light, only showing the smallest hint of what wandered behind the heavy stone.

In the proceeding seconds, the waif braced himself for what ay ahead. More light shone through and when his eyes only saw the color of orange, and began to smile knowing that he would be with his love. His heart was like a ticking bomb waiting for the beast to pounce. Waiting for the agonizing thing they call time, for he expected that the explosion of fatality would be quick and painless. 1 OFF mass of guts and bones, but in peace nonetheless. Obviously, the princess had pondered on the verdict of the tiger in her many sleepless nights preceding her lovers’ trial and as she watched the man with her dull ray eyes, she pondered again.

Knowing that the plan was to do suicide so that she could be with her love. Her father must’ve thought her lover was Just too subordinate, the princess thought. He didn’t even give him the right to his own name. A single tear slid down her face as the highness attempted to conceal her emotion. Inside, her heart of glass shattered for what seemed like the thousandth time. Every day, every night she cried herself to sleep, she tried to piece it back together… And failed. Time and time again, the voices in her head consoled her. IOW made the right choice,” they’d say. IOW did it for the good of your kingdom, your people. ” As much as she wanted to believe it, she couldn’t help but think that her conscience was wrong. It seemed like there were devils on both of her shoulders. “All I wanted to do was love you,” she cried. “Now even that is impossible. ” The gentleman was taken shocked when the doorway had become completely exposed and even more surprised when the orange his eyes beheld the previous moment wasn’t a tiger, but instead the glittering sequins on the soon to be bride’s dress. For a brief moment the man glanced in the princess’s direction.

The gaze they shared happened to be an uncomfortable one. The woman stared with cold eyes of focus and if the man didn’t know any better, he mightier seen sorrow. The eyes of the subject however contained confusion a very large amount of it. When his pupils questioned why, her answer was simple. I love you! The princess lowered her head and closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to witness the holy matrimony. She didn’t want to be watching her lover be wedded by another, knowing she wasn’t one of them. With the bride and groom holding hands, the hired preacher read from an old leather book.

The words he spoke resembled love, togetherness, and finding comfort. The man, whose eyes were fixed on the princess sobbing on her throne, found none of these. The vows came around and the maiden repeated the old man’s words with a soft smile. When the gentleman’s turn came however, he let go of the lady hands. “l can’t. ” he whimpered. He walked in the direction of the royal family and stared at the tear stained highness. She looked up. A second later, her feet hurriedly carried her down the tone steps leading to the arena. “What are you doing? She asked, with a sadden tone. Mimi have to. ” she begged. “I love you. ” he confessed. His expression said otherwise. “l love you to. ” The princess wiping her tears. “But the arena Judgment is final! ” she cried. “So we’ll find the only exit left where we can be happy together” he replied With that, the man and princess knowing that they couldn’t be together in the living world. Walked with a solid step right up to the unopened stone door… Now in a trance-like state, they opened the door together to escape there nightmare.