I start, I’ll ask you some questions…. I believe everyone here has known Hollywood right? And also Plywood? As we know, Hollywood has become the house of best actor, best movie, best music and many more. Also Plywood for its unique dance, song and their clothes such as Sari. Now… How about K-pop? Have you ever heard anything about K-pop? Have you ever seen any k-pop fan girls shouting like crazy to their idols? Will you think they have wasted a lot of time thinking about their idols 2417 rather than studying?

If you think in this way, I think you’ve misunderstand those children who chase after Korean idols. I am a huge fan of KOP. I started becoming a KOP fan girl from 2009 until now. Before I am so into KOP I used to be a person who give up easily, don’t have any dreams and doesn’t really like to talk to people. The past 5 years of my fan girl life had its ups and downs, Joy and tears, excitement and fulfillment. One thing for sure, I do not regret every single moment of it. Some would say I kind of wasted my 5 years of my life for KOP.

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One who does not experience it would surely never understand. The Journey helped me learn more, gain more, and enhance my skills more. The most important thing that ever happens to me was I improved my communication skills a lot by making friend with different fans. If I have never entered to the world of k-pop, I will not be able to step closer to one of my dreams. As u can tell, If not for KOP I would not have experienced this Journey. It Is not really how KOP changed me but how KOP helped me acquire and learn all those things that I know will be helpful in the future.