Creative Writing ‘The way I saw It’ Inspired from the book, ‘Kite Runner’ By Chalked Hostels It’s a hot and stuffy afternoon which didn’t help with the disgusted and hurt feeling I felt inside. I never thought that I would be betrayed by my best friend Emir maybe he was scared of being hurt by Safes- I don’t blame him for being afraid but I wish that he helped me that day. I was hanging up the washing when I heard a voice say, “Come with me. ” To my surprise I turned to see Emir and I was so happy to see him, but at the back of my mind I was also curious about what he wanted to show me.

I followed him to the hillside where he used to read all his stories to me. He was a talented writer and I enjoyed listening to his stories all the time. He already made It to the top of the hill, “wait! ” I shout desperately trying to catch my breath. I finally reach the top and there Is an awkward silence between myself and Emir while we stand there looking at each other. I try to make conversation by asking how his school was and what he was learning. I am always fascinated by what he had learned at school and sometimes it made me wish that I went to school too.

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It is eating too hot to think of things to say to him, so I think it is best to stay quiet. We then move to sit under the pomegranate tree to cool down. However the ground is far too hot to sit on and we decide to stand under the tree. We stand there again in silence- not a word was said. I could tell that Emir wanted to say something to me but he didn’t say anything. Maybe he wants to talk about what happened and that he was sorry for abandoning me with Safes. I look up to find him looking around searching for a fresh pomegranate I think he must be thirsty from this hot weather.

Finding one he asks, “What would you do If I hit you with this? ” HIS question stunned me; It Is not like him to say this. Maybe It’s a Joke or a test to see how loyal I am to him. I’m always loyal to Emir and would never do anything to hurt him. Without saying a word I suddenly started to feel sticky and I look down to see the fresh Juices of the fruit covering me. I freeze. Before I knew it Emir Gaga is throwing pomegranates at me one by one. I sense fear and guilt from him which made me upset. He starts to shout at me and telling me to hit him, but I didn’t want o do that.

His shouts got louder and I want him to stop because now my top is drenched from the Juices. The only way to get him to stop was to do something; I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the sound of his shouts began to muffle out and I find myself grabbing a fruit from the ground and I press It firmly against my forehead. “Do you feel better now? ” I say. I run all the way back home and quickly wash up before my father sees me. It is nightfall, and I need time to think about what happened. Emir is not himself better day tomorrow, because it’s Emir’s birthday.