The novel, The Kite Runner, is about a young boy named Emir who forever lives a life full of shame, quilt and regret. These feelings are brought out by things that Emir has done in his past such as refusing to stick up for Hosannas and lying to his father. By the end of the novel, Emir fully atones for his sins by returning to Kabul, adopting Sahara and being beaten by Safes. During the annual kite tournament, Emir witnessed his brother, Hosannas being brutally beaten and raped by Safes: he did not say a word.

Instead of standing up for his brother, Emir kept quiet while he stood and watched in horror. “I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost. The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had. But I didn’t. I Just watched. Paralyzed. ” Emir then claimed the winning kite as his own in order to win his father’s affection. He knows that he has betrayed the one person whom he is closest to. This marks the beginning of Emir’s sins. Emir’s poor decisions lead to a life full of shame, guilt and regret. “l stopped watching. Turned away from the alley.

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I had one last chance to make a decision. One final opportunity to decide who I was going to be. I could step into that alley, stand up for Hosannas – the way he’d stood up for me – and expect whatever would happen to me. Or I could run. .Len the end, I ran. ” Emir proved that he Is disloyal to Hosannas. He had to opportunity to help Hosannas, however his selfishness got the best of him. After years of not speaking, while Emir Is living In America, it Is revealed that Hosannas has been killed, and his son, Sahara, has been left abandoned in Afghanistan without a family or a home.

Because Sahara Is Emir’s nephew, Emir knows that this Is an opportunity to atone for his sins by showing his true loyalty to Hosannas. “For you, a thousand times over” Sahara says to Emir at the end of the book. The book ended with Emir finally seeking redemption when taking Sahara to America with him for a better life. This quote shows the Importance that no matter what sin you’ve committed there will always be an opportunity to make amends, but you have to seek redemption yourself. Emir completed his quest In seeking redemption for his sins and can finally move on with his life.