In a Journey there are many unpredictable detours and unexpected encounters that we confront through the exploration of our daily lives. Staggering events or experiences that we embark on can lead us on different kinds of Journeys being physical, spiritual and emotional. A Journey can be life changing. It can also be emotionally draining. No matter how physical the Journey is you can never escape from yourself. In Raw, written by Scott Monk the main character Brett is an angry young man who as only known how to hate.

He is forced on a Journey to the ‘Farm’ with the expectation he has been given the chance to turn his life around. Brett builds many relationships on the farm but has an on going battle with Sam the farm’s owner. Sam shows patience in Brett, encouraging and pushing Brett to his limits. It is the unanticipated confrontations with Sam that leave Brett physically and emotionally Raw. It is only then that Brett realizes he has the power to move forward and put his past behind him. Just remember Brett only you can change your life’ – Sam.

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Often when pushed to the brink the real learning begins. Staggering events can lead an ordinary person on an extra ordinary Journey emotionally, spiritually and physically. The constant battle of being alone at sea, fighting monstrous waves and risking her existence was life changing for Jessica Watson. You Just felt so emotionally drained you felt like a marshmallow. ‘ Jessica Watson. As the youngest solo sailor attempting to sail non stop and unassisted round the world, Watson needed spirit.

Taking on the challenge through days of darkness while at sea Jessica found herself emotionally wrecked. As drained as she was, she had no choice but to rebuild and develop a positive mental Image. She had to pick herself up and keep going. This amazing resilience to find strength when at her weakest culminated In her famous quote upon finishing “You don’t have to be someone special or anything special to achieve something amazing, you’ve Just got to have a dream, believe In It and work hard. ”