My Close Friend Who is that? Is that your best friend? I am sure everyone had been asked by those questions in their life. So do l. So, what it is close friend? Close friend Is someone who always cheers you up in no matter what happened either in happiness or sadness. Hangout, gossiping, playing, studying, shopping, laughing, crying, and so on, all you do Is together with them, your best friends. In my life, I do have a close friend. She Is my sunshine. She also is my rainbow after heavy rain had passed. I laughed with her. I cried with her.

She never left me, so do l. We are a best friend. Forever, I will cherish our friendship. I still remember how I met her In our first meeting. On the first day of my high school, I went to school early. When I stepped In my class, I saw someone was sleeping In the corner of my class. I got a little shocked when looking at her. For sure because I do think she might be a ghost or someone who are homeless. But somehow, I told myself to be brave, so I came near to her then I realize, she also a student, same as me. I woke her up and she is awake.

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She looked at me innocently with her puffy eyes. Suddenly she cried hard in front of me. I was so anxious with that unexpected scene. Did I hurt her when I woke her up? When I asked her, she told me everything. Nothing less but it was about her heartbreaking. I just listen to her and comfort her. Although it was a little awkward since that was the first time I met her, still, I feel comfortable with her. The feeling want to be her friend were strongly linger in myself. After that, we always keep in touch and end up as a best friend. Sharing all story together.

When I was in trouble, she is ready for me and I had never leave by her side when she needs me. Where is she, there is always me by her side. That is why everyone called us a twin. She is a thin girl with a sweet smile. She is so cool most of time but when something had troubled her, I easily recognized it. All of her feeling is shown at her beautiful face without barriers. That is why I as her only best friend will always cheer her up. I love to see her smile and her sorrow are my first thing I must vanish away.