This is my first time writing in any kind of journal so I’m kind of new to this. My name is John Bow and I am a slave in a Georgia plantation. So, to start this journal entry out I will start to talk about my day. Today has been such a long day; my master has had me doing so many things today. I’m so tired and I Just want to be home with my wife and eat. We don’t get much food and it isn’t that great, but it’s food. My day today consisted of working on the fields and gardens that my master has growing.

He wants so many crops growing so he can have some for his family to at and the rest of it is to sell to make money. I wish I had more time to spend with my wife, our relationship is okay right now but with all this work in the way we don’t see much of each other. My wife’s usual work for the day consist of picking cotton to sew the clothes, and to also be the cook, housemaid, and servant for our master’s family. I usually do the hard labor work on the fields too but today my master didn’t have much for me to do.

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What I mostly did today was pick the crops, water all the plants and crops growing, soiled them, and made sure that all the crops were still alive. After all my work here, I’ll go home to my wife which had been cooking and cleaning all day and I’ll hopefully eat and sleep. Sometimes my wife and I don’t get much to eat. Sometimes we get breakfast and dinner, or sometimes well Just get one meal, or sometimes we don’t even get any food at all. If our master doesn’t give us food then what we eat Is usually what we find, and If we don’t find anything then we don’t eat.

For slaves on the southern plantation let pretty much a never-ending life of work. Well I’m hopefully done working now so I will be going. Goodbye for now! Journal Entry Two Dear Journal, it’s another day to write in my Journal. I’m kind of liking this whole writing this, it’s like talking to a person that’s Just listening to you and you can Just tell them anything you want and they Just sit there and listen to you ramble on and on about anything you’d like.

My rambling Is usually about work, my master, my wife, or feelings and emotions that I have bottled up Inside that I don’t really have anyone to talk to about. I can’t really talk to my wife about any emotions and such because my wife and I usually aren’t home at the same time, or we just see each other for a little hill, or when one of us come home and the other is sleeping. There is no time for us to ever talk, I love my wife with all my heart but I’m glad we don’t have any children together because if we did, my wife’s work would be doubled what It Is now.

I would feel so bad for her because I already see her coming home rued as ever wishing that she didn’t have to work anymore. Today I had so many things happen to me, I worked but after that I was verbally abused by my master. He told me that my wife and I weren’t worth anything and that the only reason why he still had us was because he paid good money for us when he bought us. After he told me that, I was quite sad and hurt. I wish he never told me that but I guess I had to find that out sooner or later.

I don’t even want to tell you about my work today because It wasn’t that hard at home to the little squalor my wife and I live in and Just try to spend the no time I have with my lovely wife. Well I will hopefully write in my Journal tomorrow; maybe tell you a little more about my emotions and work. Goodbye for now! Journal Entry Three Dear Journal, I have so much to let out to you! The other night, I had an extremely intense talk with my wife when I went home. Once I walked into the door, my wife old me to sit down and that she had something serious to talk to me about.

I sat down like she asked of me and I asked her if anything was wrong. She told me to hush up and listen. As she went on she was telling me that during the day while she was cleaning our master’s house, our master started touching her in inappropriate ways. She went into more detail than this but it was so much and I was so shocked when she told me so I would not like to experience that troubled moment once again. So yesterday in other words, my master raped my wife! Once she told me that, I had no idea what to think, say or do.

I was so afraid for my wife, I was frightened that what if my master did this once more; I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Tomorrow is another day of work, I don’t know if I can take seeing my master. Knowing my emotions and temper is off the roof right now; I might not be able to handle them when I see him. Well I’m going to spend time with my poor wife who I love very much. Goodbye for now Journal! Journal Entry Four Dear Journal, today was an awful day! I had to deal with my master’s attitude all day and I Just wanted to kill him for what he did to my wife the other day.

He gave me o much work to do, he made me do the usual work on the field and tend to his gardens but after that he had me clean the whole barn and tend to all of his animals. After that he had me mow his lawn for the second time in three days and Just made sure that I was never sitting down or taking a break. All I could think about was the hatred I had towards this man; he has made my life a living hell and made sure that he did it well. I wish I could Just have a free life with my wife to do whatever we felt like doing, but I know that would never happen. Hopefully my unborn children will have a free and Joyful life unlike my wife and I.