A man by the name of Jack Muzzier identified seven stages of transformational. This research was conducted to help people find a way to solve a problem. The four stages are recognizing the problem, confronting the problem, finding a solution to the problem, and integrating a new perspective. The first stage am going to talk about Is recognizing the significant problem. In life we come across lots of different problems, easy problems and hard problems. You can start out by figuring what the problem Is. You can talk with someone to solve It.

The second stage Is confronting your problem; you need to confront each problem you face In life with great care, patience and calmness. In life we as people find It hard to solve our problem with ease especially when we think our problems are the end of the world. When u confront your problem do It with ease It helps with the third stage of finding a solution the problem. You never want to drag your problem out, the finally stage Is Integrating a new perspective, after you find a solution you need to think about was o put your problem in a new light.

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Think of new ways that can help you not get in the same problem again. In my life I look at all my problems as a transformation. Every problem that you have in life is a learning experience. My dad always told me a great person learns from their problems. So my model is learning from your problems keep it moving. I always have a problem with self examination. It’s hard for me to step back and look at myself and that is something l’ am working right now.