The last time I was in the hospital visiting my grandma I found out she had cancer. It was like any other day, getting out of school, going home, and yet something didn’t feel right. All day as I listened to my teachers teach but yet my mind was somewhere far off. I Just kept thinking to myself something’s not right, something up. At this moment, math seems to be troubling me. I knew that 5 times 5 equaled 25, but somehow I couldn’t write It down. Some may say It’s a supernatural thing whenever you have feelings of bad news.

So entering through the door is my mom, she doesn’t ay much she Just puts her bag down and tells me to go wait in the car for her. Now I know something is awaiting me, I could Just taste it. As we are riding in the car I asked a simple question, but very anxious for the answer,” Where are we going? ” She replies very slowly “To the hospital”. I soon felt a chill go down my spine, we rarely went to the hospital but when we did it was usually for someone very sick or even worse, on their death bed. Now I’m totally freaking out, who could it be? Did I spend enough time with them?

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Who haven’t I seen In a while? All of these questions are inning through my head. But we finally get to the hospital, and my heart Is pounding so hard It feels as though It’s going to burst out of my chest. Even my throat Is dry; It’s all scratchy feeling like the Sahara Desert. Our destination was the fourth floor, Room 4421. We enter the elevator and It finally It gets to a halt. I hear a crowd of laughter, I smell bed sheets that have been messed, and I see a smaller crowd ahead of me. Their sobbing very loudly and I just stopped for a moment because they were standing right beside Room 4421.

I hardly could recognize their faces, as they had hem covered in tears and covered by each other’s arms. Then a man with a white jacket came out and said softly but assuring “I’m so sorry about your lost, she’s going to be in a better place right now but we are going to be moving her out shortly’. I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I only could think of the worse that my family member is on that other side of the door, and I hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye. But then they turned around, I felt their pain and sorrow as I have been there a many of times before, but they were not familiar, they weren’t my family.

I walked past them and penned the door. There she was In a gloomy but calm mood, my grandma. She had motioned me to come near, as she had always done before. I finally let out a breath of that I had been holding in for quite some time. My grandma held me close and said “Don’t worry about me; I have cancer but my faith is way too strong in the Lord to give up now. ” As I heard her say these very few words, I only could smile because I knew she was a fighter and she does not give up under any circumstance. As a few hours had passed we talked and talked and Just enjoyed each other’s company, as a Emily should.

Time was winding down, and it was now time for me to leave and I kissed her goodbye and I left the hospital. For the next few months I had watched her get weaker physically but stronger spiritually. She had lost her hair but never did she lose her pride. After 8 months the cancer had cleared. She had regained her hair back and It was even longer and thicker as I could remember.