A tunnel of light paraded across the ceiling of the dark room then widened as the painted wooden door creaked open. A pitch-colored shadow briskly swept across the Invading gleam then without a moments hesitation disappeared Into the swallowing blackness of the small room. A small girl asleep in her princess pink canopy bed was awoken by the loud sound of heavy breathing. The dog like pant sent a furious chill down her spine, slowly streaking throughout her bones like tiny pins and needles. Her heart pounded with the heavy beat of a base drum.

As she looked up her dark eyes filled with fear. She slammed her eyes shut convinced that it was her imagination and buried her face into her fluffy, soft, cased pillow, determined to shut out the constant nagging of a disembodied voice. Harshly whispering,let said, “Come with me, come with me Elena,” The voice retreated to the back of her mind. “l mean you no harm. ” She slowly opened her dry mouth to say something but the words wouldn’t come out. “The clock has almost run out” whispered the snake Like voice. “Just Jump off the bed, I’m in your head but I won’t hurt you. “Yeah right! Yelled Elena, “l should Just Jump off my bed for no reason! ” “Just Jump,” said the now soothing voice of someone else. Elena knew it was a trick but before she could resist she closed her eyes shut and Jumped. Instead of hitting the floor she kept falling. She snapped her eyes open and didn’t quite process what she saw. Darkness rushed past her then opened into a new scene. Bright rays of glittering light streamed through the air coming from an unknown source. Dark grey rock pillars protruded from thin air In unruly shapes and formations.

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Elena didn’t know whether to be scared or In awe of the beauty. Welcome to my world” whispered the voice in a hushed tone “Oh goody. ” said Elena in her most sarcastic voice,”The snake is back! ” Her voice cracked on the last word for she was still in shock. Frustrated about the embarrassing stutter, she tried to run but found herself moving faster than anyone could sprint. She was flying. A robin’s egg blue cloud burst out from behind one of the stone pillars causing Elena to too double back in shock of its brightness and vibrancy.

When she looked closer she saw that the cloud was not In fact a weird looking, unusually colored luster of evaporated water, but a giant wave of beautiful blue Steelers Jays. One bird landed on her. It opened up Its mouth. Instead of letting out the beautiful song that she was expecting, it started screeching.