Greetings! We are a group of students conducting a survey regarding the effects of being in a relationship to academic performances. We humbly ask for your time to answer these questions below as honestly and as accurately as possible. Thank you and have a great day ahead of you. Name (optional): Gender Age Batch and Program 1 . Since when have you been in your current relationship? How long has it been going on? 2. How often do you see each other? (circle it) time a Week Everyday Five times a Month Others: a week How long do you spend with each other in a day? (circle it)errs errs One 3 times errs Whole Day Others: previous term? . What washout GAP on your 4. Do you think your relationship affect your academic performance? (cycle It) Yes or No Why? 5. Do you think your relationship’s doing you good In your studies? (cycle It) Yes or No Why? 6. How do you manage your time between your relationship and your studies? 7. How long do you spend studying per day? (circle it) Air errs errs Others: 8. What should be done so that you can cope up with your grades and at the same time, still have enough time for your be/SGF? 9. What advice can you give to those students like you who are also In relationships? Give one to two advices only) 10. Other comments.

Isabel 1. 2 months 2. One time a week. // 5 hrs 3. 23 4. No 5. Yes 6. Multitasking 7. More than 3 hours 8. Balance everything. 9. Know your powerless 10. – 1 . We’ve been together for 1 year 2. Once a week 8 hrs 3. 25 4. No 5. Yes. Because he’s always there for me to help in my how especially when I need to do a lot of stuff. 6. I always make sure I finish first all my school stuff before anything else. 7. Depends. 8. Studies first. We both know and agree on that 9. Studies first, balance your time. Jesse 1. March 17, 2013. 1 year and 7 months. . 2-3 hours 3. 3. 27 4. No,’ believe you Just need to manage and use your time wisely.

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Avoid being lazy when doing school works. Sometimes the I really Just find the subject really hard most especially the math courses. 5. Yes. It serves an inspiration to aspire for the better. 6. During my free time, whenever I don’t have something important to do, there are some days I would ask her out, or visit her at home 7. 1 hour 8. You two should talk about it. When it’s study time, it’s study time. Avoid distractions when studying. Focus. 9. Don’t reason out your relationship Just because o’er having a hard time in your academics. Try to focus on studying. Avoid distractions. 10. – Farrell 1. 1 year 2. Everyday,2-4 hrs 3. 2. 5 5. No, because we stay focused on our studies 6. We inform each other whenever we have something to do 7. 2-errs 8. Keep doing what we are doing right now. We focus more on studies 9. Learn to understand situations 10. Live happily Ryan 1. January 1 2012 2. 4-5 times a week,2-3 hours 3. 3. Something 4. Yes,The partners effort of reminding me to study. Also ” inspiration ” 5. Yes. Use the relationship as a way for me to motivate myself and ask for help in studies. 6. Study first 7. Sometimes errs, sometimes I don’t 8. Time management. Use most of my time in other things, than study and relationship.

Miguel 1. About a year 2. Errs 3. 3. 1 4. No, because we help each other out and we understand each other if there is an important task like projects and quizzes that needs to be prepared. 5. Yes, because it serves as an inspiration to me and for her as well. 6. We manage our time in ways that we must first prioritize our studies because it is for our future as well and if we did great in our studies, we will go out as a sign of achievement and gift for doing well in school. 7. Err 8. I manage my time efficiently by doing everything I can to finish my schoolwork ahead of my schedule so that I can give my extra time to my SGF. . Trust each other Muggy 1. 3 months 2. One time a week/ 5 hrs 3. 3. 48 4. Yes 5. Yes, Because it can be your motivation to study, It can be your inspiration in doing things and she can help you when you’re having a hard time doing it. 6. Multitasking 7. 2 hrs 8. Balancing my time and my priorities 9. Don’t let your relationship ruin your studies. Just focus and live your life 10. Rd 1 2 months 2 one time a week/ errs 3 2. 24 4 No 5 yes, she doing my hawks 6 studies first then relationship 2 hrs 8 spend more time in studying 9 don’t get too much attach to your relationship.

People come and go. 10 Assyria 1. 9 months 2. Once a week 3. 157 4. No, It is only a matter of time management 5. Yes, He serve as an inspiration 6. I make a time schedule 7. errs 8. One should know what should be prioritize first 9. One should find a be/SGF that is supportive and understanding 10. 1. 3 years 3. 1 75 5. Yes; I was inspired by here 6. I study on the weekdays, and see her on the weekends.