Tehran, Iran I am a first year student in Degree program of Design. I moved to Finland 9 years ago and before that I lived in Turkey for 5 years. Living in Turkey and in a poor city thought me lots of thing about trust and human relationships. Through the years I have met with different kind of people with different backstrokes and living situations. I used to trust everyone because I was very young and I had no experiences in so called fake people or two-faced people.

As a human being I also shared my problems tit so called friends and in the end found out that they have shared my life with other people or used all the information they knew against me in the weak moments of my life. I have met liars, cheaters and back stabbing human natures, which are only some selfish people. They do what they do only to survive in this world. This has led me to trust no one and absolutely no one, because some people are capable of doing anything only to hurt you and get what they need. We had a Turkish neighbor, a woman living with her mother-in-law and her one year old son in a 2 room house, who was such a nice lady.

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We met her only for a few days and she invited us to her house for tea and some snacks. One day she saw my mother and give her her golden ring and told my mother please take this to my mother-in-law and my mother did so, after this we found out that she Just wanted to know If she can trust us or not. First It was odd but then it felt quite nice to us that we are trusty. I have big Issues on trust and I trust no one so far and all I know Is that trust Is earned and we earn It very very hard. Right now In my life there are only few people who are truly trust and respect and I hope I never lose their trust.