A neighbor can be many things, but the ones I had, have only been one thing and that was inconsiderate. There was always some kind of inconsideration when it came to my neighbors. If it wasn’t their kids, dogs, or loud music, then it was the police getting involved. Now I’m not a parent, but for the love of God have some kind of respect for your neighbor by keeping your kids noise down to an indoor voice. This woman and her kids was the definition of inconsideration.

She had three kids and hey would shout at the top of their lungs, while their mom would sit on the porch drinking beer. Then when she was finished with the bottle she would throw it in our yard. My next neighbor had a dog that would bark from sunrise to sunset. He would bark at the crazies things like: when the phone rang, or when my grandmother pulled up in our driveway, and when you went to go check your mail. That dog would bark at anything and everyone. Finally, I had these young men move in next door and they took the cake of finding a new way of being Inconsiderate.

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It was around midnight, when these men threw a loud party that was still going strong with their loud music. As soon as you thought it couldn’t get worst, the police would show up and arrest the young inconsiderate men for disturbing the peace. I felt bad for the guys but I was happy as well, for now my grandmother and I could get some well deserved rest. Since we can’t choose are neighbors, we have to live beside the ones we get. We have to hope and pray that they are respectful to their neighbors and not Inconsiderate.