I got butterflies in my stomach about this woman who wanted to talk to. I never knew how to approach her, until I made my first encounter. I kept giving her hints that I was crushing on her, but never told her. I am too shy to talk to her. My momma didn’t raise a quitter, so I didn’t give up. I didn’t leave her alone, I showed up at her Job and handed her some red roses. So she gave me a chance to conversant it was very pleasant. But the thing about it I am scared to get hurt. I didn’t want to tell her that so I played it out for couple weeks.

So as time went by I finally gave her the chance after two months to take her out. She really showed me how to have a good time. But I am saying to myself it’s too good to be true. I finally got to meet her family everybody was happy to meet me. I never told her I had a son, so I finally later on that day told her. Thinking she would not accept my child but she did. That was the whole problem to remind you she don’t have any kids. As time went by we finally fell in Love. When I tell you I can’t get enough of her.

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It’s so crazy because I was starting to Fall in Love again. She don’t know that not going to tell her right now. The way she hold me as we talk it is so unexplainable. As a year go by Eugene finally tell me he Love me. I have to tell her something but didn’t know how to tell her. So I invited her over and told me, “she was pregnant. ” When I tell you I was happy I couldn’t explain how over excited I was. I really went over and beyond to show her what love really was. Never knew a woman could Love you Like that. I am waiting on my Baby to call me now.