How can a person convince others to follow? One must understand, fabricate, and practice an idea before preaching it to other. Publicizing It is the best way as people follow what they see. Media plays an Important role In this. However, even media is not reliable. In essence, all the work rests upon oneself. I am Inclined to believe that we are responsible for the changes we bring In our lives. If we have the power to make trivial alternations, we also possess the ability to bring about revolutions. One step at a time, we can make the necessary amendments.

Firstly, we must get a hold of all the affairs going on around us. It Is crucial to gain the required knowledge before setting out. We cannot make changes without understanding the current affairs. Subsequently, we must devise such a strategy which is effective and appealing. Similarly, we have to know our target and the paths leading to it well before starting the journey towards it. It is indispensable for it to be alluring to the people. Above all, we must apply this change in ourselves. It is, as I reckon, the most vital part. We have to become a practical example for the people.

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We should not only tell them what to do, but also show them how to do it. Finally, we must promote the reforms we have made. We can do this with the help of different forms of media. The unreliability of media, however, makes the process a bit more difficult. Hence, we should perform all the duties ourselves. As demonstrated, the steps for bringing a change start from ourselves and end at ourselves. Everything from comprehending and planning to practicing and preaching is all upon us. Therefore, we must set our minds and make ourselves determined towards a better future.